More works in progress

Do you see these?

This is what I’ve been working on for the last couple of days.

A while ago, I bought a Better Homes and Gardens Quilting Magazine cause there was a lovely 1930s quilt in it.  Mum immediately snatched the mag from me, and insisted that she wanted to make this quilt for me… will confess I didn’t argue much.

While watching her work on a gorgeous needleturn applique quilt that she is making for a friend of my brothers as a gift, I got the needleturn bug, and when I mentioned to her, she gave me this box of goodies back.   She’d made a start preparing freezer paper templates for the 620 (yes, 620) petal shapes, and had started to baste them on to scraps of 1930s prints from my scrap tub.   Did I want to do some more of these?   So, in the last couple of days have been cutting and basting and this is the end result… managed to baste about 25 of these little suckers while sitting at the hairdressers yesterday.

Suspect Mum will ask for it back at some stage, but am happy to do some more work on it – after all, it’s going to be mine some day.   What will the finished project look like you ask?   Well, this!   Can you see why I’m excited?

I’ve not been much into patchwork and quilting this year, the most I’ve managed to do is flick through magazines and books and daydream.   My crafty work has predominantly been of the knitting variety, most specifically the Dr Who Scarf below.   When I got the yen to do some knitting awhile ago, I did a google search for scarf patterns and came across this site that has all the patterns for the scarves worn by Tom Baker’s Dr Who.   My brother is a major sci-fi buff, and has always loved Dr Who, so when I suggested he might like me to make him a scarf he suprised me by saying yes.   Here it is so far, I’m down to the last colour change (purple) and last 36 rows and then have to tie off those ends and put fringe on this 20 feet mammoth beast.   It is so heavy!   And I don’t imagine he’ll ever wear it, but he’s excited about it.   So is Gracie, my cat, who thinks that this is a great game and sits on the sofa beside me and keeps putting the wooden knitting needles in her mouth as I try to knit!


Baskets full of butterflies…

My first post on a new blog… that I have set up to try to encourage me to finish up some projects!

Like this one…

I love 1930s reproduction prints and have been collecting them for an age, initially to make a grandmothers flower garden quilt, which has yet to be even started. I now have 3 huge tubs of these prints, plus another huge tub of scraps so my collection is plentiful (though not as huge as Lissa’s I think!).

About 5 years ago, I purchased this pattern from Brandywine Designs and a big piece of white on white fabric and started to make butterfly baskets, making one basket and one butterfly from each 30s reproduction print I had and randomly putting them together.

AND… I’m nearly finished the 100+ blocks. Have stitched all of the baskets, and 2/3rd of the butterflies, this weekend I’ll be busy attaching different coloured butterfly bodies to the remaining 1/3rd and then I will be stitching them. I’m doing these on the tram to and from work every day, so managing 90 minutes of sewing each day… how cool is it that this might progress beyond a bundle of blocks into a quilt top soon.