Baskets full of butterflies…

My first post on a new blog… that I have set up to try to encourage me to finish up some projects!

Like this one…

I love 1930s reproduction prints and have been collecting them for an age, initially to make a grandmothers flower garden quilt, which has yet to be even started. I now have 3 huge tubs of these prints, plus another huge tub of scraps so my collection is plentiful (though not as huge as Lissa’s I think!).

About 5 years ago, I purchased this pattern from Brandywine Designs and a big piece of white on white fabric and started to make butterfly baskets, making one basket and one butterfly from each 30s reproduction print I had and randomly putting them together.

AND… I’m nearly finished the 100+ blocks. Have stitched all of the baskets, and 2/3rd of the butterflies, this weekend I’ll be busy attaching different coloured butterfly bodies to the remaining 1/3rd and then I will be stitching them. I’m doing these on the tram to and from work every day, so managing 90 minutes of sewing each day… how cool is it that this might progress beyond a bundle of blocks into a quilt top soon.


4 Responses

  1. love the new blog. Now if I put a link to your blog on mine, it means people will come for a look and you will have to have something to show lol. hugs sheila who is also distrated by anything that is new. ah well the ufos can wait.

  2. Thanks Sheila, will be adding lots more ufo’s, wips and completed projects in the next few days, so happy for people to shame me as required.

    Am actually managing to do a fair bit of work too… believe it or not!

  3. Love the Butterfly Baskets! 🙂 I have a pattern for a little basket like that. I should make some.

  4. […] wrote about these on my very first blog post here and said I hoped to be finished soon, ha ha!   That was September 2008 and last night I put the […]

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