Tempted by the fruit of another…

As if I didn’t have enough of my plate, a surf of blogs and websites lately have unearthed a treasury of wonderful freebie patterns…

First one that took my fancy was Red Delicious, a gorgeous RED Block of the Month designed by Esther Aliu and available from her blog.  Missed the first block, but will buy it on etsy…

And then there is Anne Sutton’s A Tisket, A Tasket Twelve Months of Baskets! Mystery BOM.   As I love baskets, and love Anne’s Bunny Hill Designs, how can I resist!

And then I discovered Gail Pan’s A Christmas Wish – a lovely little stitchery BOM she’s offering too…

I want to do them all – BUT what colours?   Red Delicious – well Red of course, but wondering what it would look like if I used 30’s fabrics.

A Christmas Wish? – well, I’ve got a collection of Roman Holiday fabrics from a few years ago, that haven’t been assigned to a project…

And Bunny Hill Designs?  Well, Anne’s original block is very, very cute, but then I saw finished blocks on the Flickr group, and must admit I’ve fallen in love with the Happy Zombie’s gorgeous bright block.  And I’ve got some yardage of a red pin spot that might work as a background… argh…

And then Bloom posts a link to this gorgeous thing available as a free download from Moda for the Aviary range.


Except, I’ve got three jelly rolls of Fig Tree Quilts Allspice Tapestry Range, and I’m wondering if I can fit those leaves on to the 2.5 inch strips and use them for this.


What do you think?

2 Responses

  1. Ooooh, I say yes! The Moda quilt would look gorgeous in Allspice Tapestry – go for it! Your ‘to do’ list sounds as extensive as mine! Best wishes, Bloom.

  2. I agree that the fabrics would be stunning in the Moda quilt. But seriously? I’d be gouging my eyes out before I got three blocks done in that quilt. Gorgeous quilt, but with all that repetition I might as well just START it in the UFO pile 🙂

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