Drooling and dribbling… bloggy goodness

Oh… be still my heart… I seem to have immersed myself in other people’s quilty goodness this week… updating my blogroll and discovering all sorts of wonderful things… following bloggy trails that have taken me hither and yonder… only fair that I share… but be warned, you’ll be dashing for your stash…

OH, YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE FRIENDS – sometimes you meet people and you just know that they are meant to be important to you – Jayne is one of those people.  We worked together, and now we play together often… and I love her to bits… and I’m not just saying that so that she’ll make me a quilt!   She’s just started a blog, and you can see all of her quilts here – I keep telling her she should draft Makara’s Quilt up as a pattern – I’d make it!

ANGEL IS A CENTREFOLD – I spotted this great fabric folding technique on the Happy Zombie’s blog last summer, and after a major washing fabric blitz neatly folded all of my 30s fabrics, and for a very brief while, they looked mega-organised on my white bookshelf… was going a bit for a look like this but didn’t quite manage it… I can dream can’t I!   But when I moved midyear I used my fabric stash to wrap all my crockery and other precious things instead of newspaper – a brilliant idea, if I may say so, cause I had to pack the fabric anyway, so it saved on boxes.  But, then I rewashed my bits and they’ve been dumped in a tub ever since.  As I’m starting to prep. for a major quilting onslaught, I might find sometime to get a bit organised again.

MISS POLLY HAD A DOLLY WHO WAS SICK, SICK, SICK – there isn’t just one thing on Crazy Mom’s blog to inspire me, there is a whole stack load of things… every quilt is gorgeously bright and cheery, with lots of great tutorials, but the doll quilts with matching pillows and pillowcases are sooo cute… Jayne, I’m sure Princess M would love some of these!

MY COAT OF MANY COLOURS – AAAND Crazy Mom’s blog led me to Bella Dia and the Vintage Vertical Striped Crochet Blanket- my Nana taught me to knit and crochet, but Nana was too impatient to finish the crochet lessons, so I never did learn to turn corners, so this is ideal.   The colours of this remind me of a maxi-dress with hood my Mum made for me to wear to a cousin’s wedding aeons ago, all brightly coloured stripes – not very flattering on all my pre-teen lumps and bumps… but the bridesmaid’s were worse… lemon mini-dresses and semi-bouffant hair and pale lipstick.    There is a great pom pom tutorial here too… and check out the THINGS I’VE MADE pages… you just have to smile!

SWEETS FOR MY SWEET, SUGAR FOR MY HONEY … this is a great idea of Moda’s – The Moda Bakeshop – some freebie patterns to use jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cakes etc.   I particularly like the tablerunner (The Parsonage gang are making tablerunners for each other this year) and the travel mug.

SUNSHINE AND LOLLYPOPS, RAINBOWS EVERYDAY… am I showing my age, that everytime I look at Don’t Look Now‘s blog I want to start singing this song.   I love the Flower Garden Pillow tutorial as well as all the other gorgeous things.

BAUBLES, BANGLES AND BEADS… and Don’t Look Now lead me via Amitie to this gorgeous thing on Audrey & Maude’s blog … not too early to start for Christmas 2009 is it?

And to finish off… continuing my ongoing love of red and green quilts – isn’t this a stunner!

applique green and red on light background