Sunday Studio Sightseeing… Hummmlan’s place

In talking with different friends over the last week, and also in thinking about wanting to participate in a couple of free BOMs, I’ve realised one of the reasons why I’ve struggled to do much crafty work this last year is my stuff is everywhere, and it’s hard to find anything!

And a workshop I did on innovation and creative last year, talked about your workspace having a significant impact on your creativity – that using colour and changing your space inspire creativity.

So, I’ve been looking at what other quilters and crafters have been doing to create inspirational workspaces, while I don’t have a dedicated room, I’m going to try to do something to organise the spaces I do have** to enable me to access my work and encourage creativity and thought I might share some images with you (with permission from these wonderfully creative people).

So, this Sunday we’re paying a visit to Hummmlan – not only is this craft room gorgeous, if you wander around the blog you’ll also see some stunning other rooms and better yet, lots of gorgeous made objects. I’m a bit in love with this desk and shelf unit…also love the soft green walls.

Also, check out See Jane Run, See Jane Go‘s transformation!   She’s also got a giveaway of some stunning Andalucia fabrics on her blog

** I’m thinking now that I am no longer required to do work from home or study, I could downsize my huge workstation to a smaller desk which means I could convert my small study into a proper crafty space (at present everything is crammed into the spare wardrobe or under beds)!


3 Responses

  1. I have the soft green walls – there the similarity ends. While I love the look of it, and always admire beautiful studio spaces, I know I could not keep a space looking like that. It would add exponentially to my stress levels to even try. I do manage a fairly regular clean up, though (then immediately bury whichever ruler I happen to really need RIGHT NOW somewhere in the fabric).

    Dreaming is nice.

  2. Oh yes, I could definitely create in this space!!

  3. I do love these photographs, the organization inspires me.

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