Flossie’s latest project… Michelle’s quilt

For those of you reading this blog regularly, you’ll know the majority of finished objects on here are not mine, but my Mum’s (Flossie).  This is the story of  her latest!

My brother has a close friend, Darren.  When they met, Darren and his wife had a small son, and Mum duly made him a quilt – a single bed version of Dorothy Clark’s Michael’s Quilt – except done on a bright lime green background, with I spy fabric for the blocks and bordered in oranges, blacks and purples.  There are photo’s kicking around, I should try to find them!

When this little family then went on to have a little girl, Mum made her a traditional Sunbonnet Sue quilt – using 1930s fabrics (again – need to track down photo but similar in style to this one but with pink sashing and borders.

So, when at the start of last year my brother asked if Mum would make a simple quilt for Darren’s wife, Mum said yes, but it would have to come from stash.

She poured through magazines and patterns, before falling back on our old time favourite block – the Dresden Plate.   And commenced cutting up petals for the plates from every floral fabric she possessed… until…

We got the first copy( ** but not the only copy) of a APQ Applique special book as a freebie with an Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and instead of making a quilt out of stash, my brother was ordered to hand over some dollars for Mum to buy fabric and this quilt was made from September-December 2009.   All hand appliqued, and hand quilted using the quilt as you go method – each section quilted individually and then joined together.    My brother thought it was ugly, but Michelle loved it.

Michelle's quilt

** we probably have received about 6 copies of this magazine as a freebie – I keep duplicates here at my place, but we pass on any that are triplicates or more.

Wouldn’t you know it, I can’t find a copy now to give the designer a credit – will amend this post when I track down the magazine.


2 Responses

  1. Beautiful quilt! How sad that Frou’s brother doesn’t see how gorgeous it is. That is exactly why neither of my sons has received an appliqued quilt from me. For that matter they haven’t gotten a hand quilted one either. Unfortunate that a stranger can appreciate such a piece of work and ones loved ones can’t.

    Love Frou’s blog!

  2. Was your Mom, Flossie from Carroll County, GA? Around Whitesburg or Roopville? THe reason I ask is because I have a double wedding ring quilt my Mom bought from her; I believe Flossie May Hinesly was her name. Please let me know if she’s the same Flossie…



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