Work in Progress… Pretty Pandolph Plates

For those of you who don’t me well, I’m going to tell you a secret… I’ve never met a Dresden I didn’t like…

When I first got into quiltnetting (checking out quilts and quilters on the net) and discovered swaps, I was frustrated that most involved mass producing pieced blocks, usually in a tight timeframe that didn’t suit my snail’s pace hand-piecing.

Being the little control freak that I am, I jumped in and organised an international handpiecing swap. What block could we make? Well, Dresden’s of course. We just swapped plates, in the colour scheme selected by each member, making one block a month. Leaving it up to everyone to choose their own backgrounds. We made Dresdens in brights, 30s reproduction, pink/green, red/green – discovered that mauve means a different thing in the US than Oz, as does homespun! Mum choose greys and apricots (at least her quilt has made to the basted quilt top stage), and I chose browns and creams (my blocks are in a pizza box somewhere in my own version of the Wardrobe*** from the Lion, the Witch and the…)

Then on QDU I organised a couple of swaps, again – just plates no backgrounds – first time people made 1930s, hand-dyes or scrappy.  2nd year we had red/green and christmas prints.   You can see aubirdwoman’s quilt she made from the scrappy dresden swap, which featured in a magazine in 2007.   It was her Scot who saved the day by drafting a template so we could make the Dresden’s in the ‘you beaut’ easy peasy machine way described here. Though interestingly, though we sent everyone the same template, the plates varied hugely in size!

Between us Mum and I also have another couple of Dresden’s on the go, including some giant ones made with 40s/50s era prints I bought online.

SO…. when someone was selling a kit of Robyn Pandolph fabrics, with background fabrics, several completed plates and lots of precut petals and a metal template – guess what I did?

Pretty Pandolph Plates

Pretty Pandolph Plates

I didn’t like the background fabric, well not for these blocks anyway.  And unpicked the machine pieced blocks and cut out more petals from the remaining fabric and slowly over the last 18 months or so, I’ve picked them and put them down again.   I’ve now completed 20 plates, just need to find a background fabric (thinking a pale cream, as the lighter colours brightens these prints up a little, whereas a dark cream really dulls them down) and want to find a soft blue for the centres and a simple sawtooth inner border – no sashing – and a wide plain white border – thinking just cross hatching?

*** I swear my spare bedroom wardrobe leads to Narnia as I don’t seem to ever get to the end of the fabrics and projects that materialise out of there!

Psst… don’t tell anyone… but over the holidays I spent a day watching BBC Jane Austen movies and cutting out 4 petals from about 60 different 1930s fabrics!   Just in case, I need something do… lol   And I’ve just found this gorgeous framed Dresden on Bloomin Blog – My name is Frou, and I am a Dresden addict!

4 Responses

  1. Hello Ms. Frou,
    Delighted to find your blog. I subscribe to a Goggle service that alerts me when my name comes up in someone else’s blog. Am enjoying your writing and wish you some finished projects in 2009. The UFO virus is carried by every quilter but be of good cheer-the ratio is about 6 to 1, as in, six projects started for every one finished. If your odds are better, you’re simply showing off!
    Writing from the very cold but sunny shore of North Carolina USA.

  2. I love Jane Austen movies! I must confess, I love the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice sooo much more than the Hollywood movie. I also have Emma, and Sense and Sensibility. I just watch them over and over.

    Have you seen Bride and Prejudice? It is FAB-ulous – a Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice with all the same issues – no intimacy before marriage, the “need” to be married young, etc etc etc. It’s all in English.

    I mostly listen to the movies while I stitch, cut out or trace too. I love the quilt on Eleanor’s bed in Sense and Sensibility. It’s like a large drunkard path where they make circles.

    Ah, a woman of my own heart… I’ve only had one go at dresden plate (apart from my sampler quilt 12 years ago) and that’s a miniature – it’s on my blog.

    Loz in Oz

  3. Interesting article=) Will definitely come back soon=)

  4. wot no Dresden Plate Quilt Yet. ??????????????

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