Disorderly Orderly

Pepper Cory on a comment on yesterday’s post (still haven’t come down to earth that Pepper Cory read/s my blog!!!)

“The UFO virus is carried by every quilter but be of good cheer-the ratio is about 6 to 1, as in, six projects started for every one finished. If your odds are better, you’re simply showing off!”

Well, I never did say I was normal did I?   I’d expect my ratio of finished to started is – infinity to 2!

Today was meant to be a day of preparing various project blocks, DJ Marple, Morrell Quilt, A Christmas Wish, Bunny Hills BOM etc.

BUT, at 12.30am this morning, I still was sorting out fabric – and knowing that there must be more floating around in various tubs… so I pulled everything out of the Narnia wardrobe, and from under the beds etc. and sorted through it all and yes, there was stacks of fabric hiding all over the place…

While I was it, I took photo’s of various Works in Progress or Projects in Grocery Bags and quilt tops and created pages here on the blog to track what I’m up to!

imag0617Nobody can every accuse me of having nothing to do…or not doing my bit for the economy!

Nor, can they accuse me of being a negative thinker – I obviously believe I’m going to live in to my dotage with a clear head and nimble fingers, I’ve started or anticipate starting so many things.

I don’t feel guilty about any of the above, these things will be finished when they are finished, or handed-on to others to be finished if I know that I really don’t want to finish them (have boxes of fabric and blocks to go to the Tarrangower Women’s Prison Quilters) or else my friends are going to be able to play to their hearts content with my projects and stash after I’m gone.   And each of the things started have been learning experiences, and enjoyable in and of themselves – for me it’s the journey not the destination that is important.

Being serious though, I think the problem is that everything lives in boxes, in the wardrobe, under the bed etc.   The old adage out of sight, out of mind applies here… if it’s not sitting under my nose, then I don’t think about it.   Hence, wanting to reorganise my space to turn the study into a proper craft room – and those boxes can then be stacked in plain sight, and easy enough for me to get to.

Question: How do other people manage to keep track of projects and progress them?

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  1. Hi,
    I personally think we are all the same, stashing things away for future use. It’s the squirrel in us, even though we’re not American! I’ve stuff stashed in all sorts of places and usually when I’m looking for something else find the thing I wanted a month ago. Just don’t worry about it. When you find something , work on it stash it again and come back to it in another month or so time to finish it. It makes life interesting, never boring., a surprise around every corner. Happy hunting amongst your stash,
    hugs, Marilyn,]qdu] Queensland.

  2. Good luck on finishing all your projects. Recently I got a bit ahead of myself and finished too many tops — now I have to play catch up and quilt them ( I’m hand quilter) that’s going to take awhile and I know darn well I will start to make more tops – I am going to try to control myself and get some of these finished first. I have made good progress this past couple of weeks.

  3. No matter how you managed to explain, rationalize, or justify your UFOs and approach to making quilts and other related projects, your attitude is terrific. While I appreciate your challenge, your humor makes it all seem like part of a quilter’s delightful life journey. You go, quilter!

  4. I tend to track by blogging. Though sometimes I think I’m juast flaunting my own inadequacy/wishful thinking. LOL

    You may notice the complete lack of sewing mojo on my blog. Have no idea where it’s gone, but I’m trying very hard to recover it.

    I think your idea of separate pages for separate projects is fabulous and if you don’t mind, and if I can organise myself satisfactorily, would be a good record – and perhaps a little motivation – for myself.

    Though it worries me slightly that wordpress allows me to “stash” pages. LOL

    Like you, I don’t feel guilty about UFO’s or stash, it’s just part of what I do. I may or may not get around to things, plans for fabrics may change, but I’ll enjoy the trip.

  5. When you find the magic answer please be sure to pass it on!!

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