Sunday Studio Sightseeing…Treasureup’s Place

Spreading the Craft Studio love again… a very different feel to last week’s studio, but I really like Treasureup’s space… it gives me a sense of the owner, her likes and dislikes … it’s also quite obviously a working space… so lots of busyness and clutter… Have a look at her quilt photo’s on flickr – but get yourself a cuppa first and sit down to a wonderfully diverse slideshow of loveliness.

These lovely old cupboards, made to look the same with painting and changed door handles, and the gorgeous curtains and walls… all the colours in this room work!

As do the framed vintage  needlebooks (what a fantastic idea!)

And lovely collections of vintage tins and baskets to hold treasures.

What a great use for an old computer cupboard for sewing machine and supplies.

And every quilter needs to have a design wall… and the quilt in progress is lovely.

2 Responses

  1. I love your sewing room. One day I hope to have a larger room but in the meantime I make use of my small room.

  2. Karen, it’s not MY sewing room… oh how I wish! In looking for ideas for creating my own space I’m quiltnetting and posting some of the results of my findings. Frou

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