Abundance… bloggy goodness

Met up with a friend tonight who asked me to pick a card out of a deck of oracle cards and I got Abundance… that if I ask, things will come to me, a windfall or more time and creativity – but not having more than I deserve.   Well, I didn’t have to ask… got home tonight to a message from the Quilters Bazaar, to say I had won one of the doorprizes from Sunday’s open day.  Not sure what I’ve won, but I’m thankful for just winning!

Blogging quilters are good at sharing an abundance of riches, whether it’s giving away precious handmade goodies, or sharing their creative talent and know how… these are just a few things I’ve come across this week.


  • Christine at Once upon a Quilt has a giveaway of some lovely handmade items that closes on February 7
  • Mel at Mel’s Own Place has a giveaway for a handmade bag that closes February 11


  • Bird Brain Designs have a too cute Redwork tea towel embroidery in honour of Valentine’s Day
  • Bea at Capricorn Quilts is offering a ‘Once Upon a Time‘ Stitchery BOM – block 2 has just been posted. And for those of you who missed out on last years Quilter’s Blessings (which is a lovely series of small stitchery blocks), she’s offering to send the pattern out if you send her a FQ.



  • And check out this fantastic little tool – The String Thing that I saw on A Needle in My Hand’s blog – I want one! Would be fantastic for when I’m doing black buttonhole on my 30’s projects. Any shop owners here in Australia stocking these?
  • And Kim at Bitty Bits & Pieces has an interesting post on gadgets – have a look at the little roller towards the bottom of the post. Am wondering if I could make one of these to use to help press pieces as I hand piece? Need to talk to the man at Bunnings about how I could put one of these together… not that the man from Bunnings isn’t used to Flossie and I doing odd things… usually buying 6 foot long pieces of timber for quilt hangers and then going up to the man from Bunnings who cuts the timber and asking him to cut pieces 33cm, 58cm and 20cm lengths!

4 Responses

  1. Don’t you think that roller thing at Bitty Bits & Pieces looks just like a wallpaper seam roller? Maybe you could find just what you’re looking for at a hardware or home improvement store.

  2. I reckon you could make a string thing with a tin and one of those clever little grommets from a scrapbpooking place. Punch a hole in your tin first (tobacco tin looks about the right size…or shaving soap).
    Blog is Lookin’ Good.

  3. checking in, sugar…hope all is well! xoxox

  4. You could probably use an empty dental floss container for your own unique String Thing. You are clever, make it cute!

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