Which stitch?

Finally some photo’s of my latest obsession… two cross stitch SALs, as usual, I’m miles behind on both, but am enjoying the individual journeys.
Mary Wigham One
First photo is my progress on the Mary Wigham SAL being offered by Needleprint… still haven’t finished Part 1!

Am using a gorgeous Stitches and Spice Sand Storm Belfast 32ct linen and have done by own conversion based on looking at photo’s of original – realised after I’d ordered the threads and checked the DMC equivalent, my colours are a lot different – but am loving what I’ve done so far!

Mary Wigham threads Am using Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, lots of the Shaker Threads… am enjoying the subtle colour variations, haven’t used these threads before.

The other SAL I am working on is the Isabelle Haccourt Vautier Grand Marquoir – again am miles behind, am still working on Part 1 and Part 4 has just been released.   Oh, well… never mind!

Grand Marquoir OneAnd been inspired by Jayne’s work on Swiss Topiary that was offered by Crown Stitches, to buy the thread and linen and kit it up and now being very tempted to do the South Seas Laces SAL that Molly and Claire are planning… aargh!


8 Responses

  1. Oh, wow. Those are stunning! I am boggled… 🙂

    Great job!

  2. Your colour choices are BEAUTIFUL! They are amazing… I love them!! I’ve chosen to stick with dmc cause that’s what I have here at home… but I’ll be watching to see how yours turns out. Just beautiful!

  3. Mary Wigham is coming along nicely!

  4. Thank you everyone, I will admit I’m quietly chuffed at how both of these are progressing, especially the Mary Wigham.

  5. Back again, I’m having trouble posting to the MW SAL blog. Any suggestions on how to access it? I don’t have any problem posting to other wordpress blogs, but can not post to the SAL blog.


  6. Your Mary Wigham looks great, the colours are gorgeous. Feel free to join our South Seas Lace SAL – you know you want to …….LOL

  7. we’re going to be starting South Seas Lace this Thursday . . . and would love it if you join in too !!!
    well done on all your SALs . . . looking forward to seeing more progress on your Grand Marquoir ^^

  8. […] night to work on this project.    Might see if I can make a dedicated night to work on my Mary Wigham which is being sorely neglected. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Howard gets his […]

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