Birthday Butterfly Blossoms

Mum has been a busy girl lately, so there’ll be a couple of posts over the next week of completed quilts.


This quilt was made from FQs swapped in two Birthday Fat Quarter swaps organised by QDU a couple of years ago.   One swap was for floral fabrics and the other for butterflies, and Mum made positive and negative blocks of each fabric with a white on white.

We ended up laying it out across my bed as she pieced the top, and then had it professionally quilted at Patchwork Addiction.

7 Responses

  1. Mum-of-Vicky, This quilt is simply striking! The color lay out makes it fairly glisten, looking all shimmery and lovely. You’ve done a beautiful job. Good on you, girl!

  2. Oh, now THAT is very pretty! (and inspiring… how can I fit another new project into my schedule? Is sleep really all THAT necessary??)

  3. that is fabulous, well done! Was there a quick way to do all those blocks? Can we have a close-up of the quilting too please?

  4. how do I get to follow your blog? I can’t find where to hit a button. Otherwise you would be on my list. And you need to blog more often too – you have a lovely blog!

  5. hasn’t this come up well. simple design but looks lovely with all of hte different colours

  6. I like the colour combinations in this. What size are the blocks

  7. Such a wonderful quilt, I really do love how a simple block can be made spectacular by the use of beautiful fabric and interesting placement. Please pass on my regards to your mum.

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