Flossie’s Friday Flaunt…

A belated Friday flaunt from me, and mostly flaunting Flossie’s (Mum) work as I’ve done zip this week, due to a combination of working till 8.00pm each day and reading the whole Harry Potter series (7 books) over the last 10 days, in preparation for a trip to movies to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince planned for tomorrow.

First off, the ’30s quilt Flossie made for me, that lives on my bed.  Everyone of the 174 hearts blocks are a different ’30s fabric from my stash – and that was just scratching the surface!   Hand appliqued hearts on machine pieced snowball blocks, worked on over about a year – she took the blocks with her to doctor’s appointments etc.   Quilted by The Patchwork Addiction in Essendon.


The rest of the flaunt is a selection of Flossie’s most recent bags.  As I mentioned in an earlier post Mum’s been bitten by the bag bug, and I ended up the lucky recipient, though she also makes at least one for herself too!

IMAG0652 Mum found some meterage of a synthetic prequilted fabric in her cupboard – who knows what we bought it for.  She made me this simple envelope, which is perfect for keeping my current cross-stitch project together.

The next bag came from a UK magazine, it’s called the Mum bag, there was a smaller edition called the ‘baby’ bag!   Made from red and green scraps (she knows what I like) – am currently using it to hold a knitting project (a scarf for a friend).IMAG0653

And then there is the Charm Square bag – a pattern in a McCalls Quilting magazine, designed to be made using charm packs.

A couple of years ago, I bought a mottly bundle of 5inch charms on ebay, there are hundreds of them.

Mum sorted out a pleasing selection of charms to make this for me.   I really like it, colourwise, and like it even more for it’s practicality – it holds stacks, and is deep enough that I can stand up my sandpaper board and a small rotary mat.   This is the bag that gets packed up when I’m heading off to a class or to Mum’s for a day of stitching.   Mum made her bag out of all blue charms.


IMAG0650 And finally, I like this one so much, I have two!   These are Nellie’s Bag by Rosalie Quinlan, but instead on doing the pieced blocks we just used two fabrics one for the outside, and one for the inside.   I bought two fabrics from Quilters Bazaar at their store opening earlier in the year, and Mum made two bags.IMAG0651 They have four pockets on the inside.  The one with the strippy interior is my supply one – scissors, pins, needles, pencils etc.  So I can add something small and take off.  You can see a little of the gorgeous pink and green pincushion my friend Catherine made for everyone at our retreat this year.   The other shows a glimpse of the Blackbird Design Sampler cross-stitch – the 2nd of these I’m making (this one’s for me).   And that luscious red thread is the Threadworx thread I’m going to use for a new stitchalong, also bought from Quilters Bazaar.

5 Responses

  1. Love the 30’s fabric heart quilt! You are a lucky girl! As another ‘bag lady’ I love the bag photos!

  2. You have some nice bags on youre site. And some nice quilts.
    I’m also doing the antique quilt and I’m also looking for a nice way making the corners. I’m not yet sure I wil applique. I made the star squares but I think I leave the big triangles without application. According Guute you can do it the way you want. You are completly free to do it you’re own way.
    English is not my native language so exuse my mistakes.
    greetings, Marie-José

  3. The quilt is truly beautiful and with such an abundant supply of bags I am certain you will always have just the perfect one for whatever occasion.

  4. LOVE the quilt and all those bags – your Mum is a very talented lady !
    so what’s this? too busy reading HP to stitch? hihi . . . check out first progress report on the SSL SAL for me and Sandra . . . was hoping to see what you’d done too.

  5. I like how the 1930’s quilt turned out – so nice and old fashioned looking – I always like that kind – makes you want to cuddle up on the porch with it or go on a picnic!

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