Friday Flaunt…

Well all I’ve got to flaunt is my progress on the South Seas Lace SAL I’m doing with Claire and Sandra


Have also started to do the stitching on 4 of the projects I marked up last week, but not enough stitching to merit a photo… and the fact is,  my camera is on the fritz, and I only get to take one photo before it tells me that the battery is low…

7 Responses

  1. Well done! since your camera only lets you take one photo at a time, I’m glad you took on of SSL ^^
    will post mine tomorrow

  2. Isn’t great to be able to see the progress on a project. Yes I think it is time to shout yourself a new camera, this one has served you well and probably deserves a rest!

  3. This looks quite intricate… even with dodgy camera. Love seeing the progress over the week.

  4. You’ve done heaps – well done!

  5. WOW, you’ve done loads! Well done, it looks fabulous. Will post a pic of mine tonight (way behind schedule!)

  6. Hello Frou what a great blog you are as energitic as I am in the needlework world. So glad you found me through google I will add you to my favorites and see how you progress with the AMG and Love letters quilts. Hope we can share. thanks for visiting and the great comments.

  7. […] Will admit I’ve neglected Mary shamefully the last few weeks.   Am busy at work and tired by the end of the day, so find counting cross stitch to exhausting.   What little cross stitch I am doing is a simple one colour design from The Gift of Stitching – South Seas Lace. […]

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