A picture tells a thousand words… too bad, so sad!

Well, the camera has finally given up the ghost… so no progress reports here until I can replace it… will start having a look around over the weekend.

Not that there was anything much to flaunt this week anyway, lots of incremental steps on projects under way and a new start… only way to get a sense of what I’m working on is to click the links below!

Spent last night working on my South Seas Lace Cross-stitch Stitch a Long – Claire and Sandra – you’ll just have to believe me until I can post a photo!   But have completed 3 sides of the 2nd round of pattern, and started the fourth.

I’m nearly finished the stitching for the Melly and Me Feathered Friends Bag Kit that I bought at the Girl’s Day Out organised by Country Thyme, only 2 little birds and a birdhouse to finish… so hopefully will finish that today to give to Mum to put together, mine’s turquoise!

Making good progress on the Stitching Caddy kit from Rosalie Quinlan at the same weekend as well as the House wallhanging from Rosalie from Under the Mulberry Tree‘s Mystery Stitchery of the Month.   Also working on Tea for Two, month two of the same program – a gorgeous tea cosy and matching coasters from Janelle Wind…so cute (see note below re: Frou’s tip for overcoming boredom but still being productive!)

Month 3 arrived yesterday, a lovely little mug bag with matching spoon bag… haven’t looked at it in too much detail, as I’m off to Mum’s soon and will look at it then.

Am loving these little kits, gorgeous fabrics and floss colours, and having seen some sneak peaks for future months, am very excited.

The start this week?   Well, I’m a fairly competent knitter, not so competent with crochet, so in order to practice my crochet, am making some granny squares.   Bought some bright balls of wool last week with some black at Spotlight for practice… and I’m just putting together 3 random colours with black finishing.   Why do I want to practice, ’cause when I’m a bit more proficient I want to have a go at Hexagon Granny Squares – great tutorial on Attic24’s site.   Have also seen some gorgeous variations of this pattern on Ravelry, including a ’30s style afghan… 2 colours, with 3rd colour green, then set with white… would look great thrown across my ’30s cast iron bed!

And speaking of Attic24, check out her Crochet Bag pattern… thinking of using up leftovers from brother’s Dr Who scarf to have a go at one of these too!

Frou’s tip for overcoming boredom but still being productive… anyone reading this will be thinking, is she mad, she’s flitting from one thing to another… why doesn’t she just sit and concentrate on one thing until it’s finished?

Sounds good, in theory… not so great in practice for me.   What works for me is to have a couple of things on the go at once… hence working on 4 stitcheries at once, as well as doing cross-stitch and crochet.

It’s the one length of thread rule… all 4 stitcheries are in hoops with needle threaded.   I pick up one project and work one length of thread, then rethread my needle and put it aside.   Pick up next one, and do the same.   Working on all 4 at once.

Could just as easily be my working on some handpiecing, some buttonhole, some stitchery and some needleturn applique, same rule applies, one length of thread.

This works well for me, if I’m organised.   Works particularly well if there is something that needs to be progressed, but I’ve reached boredom stage with it.   By allocating it some time, in amongst something I really want to work on, I progress on both!

The exception here is the South Seas Lace Stitch-along – am devoting 1 night a week to this.   Claire and Sandra are doing Thursdays, but Thursdays rarely work for me – so I’m doing Friday nights most weeks… which is their Thursday anyway!   This seems to be working well for me, having a dedicated night to work on this project.    Might see if I can make a dedicated night to work on my Mary Wigham which is being sorely neglected.

4 Responses

  1. Sorry about your camera – hope it gets well (or replaced) very soon!

    The one length of thread rule is pretty clever. I’ll have to try it; nothing else seems to be working except deadlines, of course, but the things FOR ME don’t get deadlines. Maybe I’ll be able to make some progress with this new approach!

  2. What a cute little bag. It amazes me how many different bags are turning up these days.
    by the Way when do you manage to fit in mundane things like eating, washing and sleeping? You do so much I can’t see how you can fit these in.

  3. So sorry about your camera. Can’t imagine living in blogland without one!

    Thanks for the link to the crocheted hexie tute. It’s a lovely project that takes me back to the late 60s/early 70s. Crafters are SO into hexies!

  4. You’re working on some great projects. I look forward to seeing them all when your camera problem is resolved. There are some good bargains just now at Spotlight, aren’t there? A bag in Dr Who colours would look fantastic. DS asked me to make him one recently….except he wanted it all in black! I convinced him something smaller would be better….so am knitting him a black scarf…which will be finished around Christmas….just what you wanted in Oz for a Christmas present! lol Thank you for sharing your method of working on a few different projects. It looks like a painless way of getting over the boredom hump.

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