Angel wings…

Am very excited… have joined the Stitchers Angel swap for this year. I missed out last year, found out about it too late to join, though did print out the patterns – none of which I’ve made!

Have got my angel assignment, and spent a little while reading her blog… this is going to be fun, as I suspect we have more than a little in common… already have something marked up ready to stitch, but was waiting to find out about what she colour/s likes!

Each week for 7 weeks starting next week until the end of September, the following designers will provide free patterns, and I need to make at least 3 gifts – either from those patterns or something else and post them off by end October.

Helen Stubbings of Hugs ‘n Kisses
Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches
May Britt from Abyquilt
Tracy from Plumcute designs
Leonie from The Quilted Crow
Cori Blunt from Chitter Chatter Designs
Sue Daley of Patchwork with Busy Fingers

The other exciting thing is I’ve signed up to do Helen’s Mystery Marathon Quilt-In on September 5th. Mum is coming to stay the weekend and we’re going to do the online version, may even manage to do 2 versions – one for her and one for me!   We did a similar online quilt marathon a few years ago, but this was pre-blog days so it was hard to share progress as you went along.

Still no camera – have been flat chat at work, and now home sick with a massive headache and chills, thank goodness for heavy duty painkillers, only thing keeping my eyes open today, so not able to drive to check out camera’s.  Will have to wait till the weekend.

Work and head also meant not too much stitching happening here… can’t stand the light to see!

3 Responses

  1. Oh, you’re so lucky. I was too late this year. 😦

  2. You’ll have a fabulous time, hopefully! I have gained a life long friend due to last year’s swap…. such a priceless gift to receive!
    I haven’t joined in this year, as I have too much on my plate with Steven’s illness and full time work, but I will be collecting the patterns as they were all fabulous last year!
    I look forward to seeing you projects.

  3. You’ve got some exciting stuff coming up!

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