Oh, she of the limited attention span…

Well, I’m back with a fully functioning camera… pity the camera operator is hopeless!   So what have I been doing?  Not a lot… have been working really long hours, on brain drain type work – exciting, but exhausting… so when I get home I’ve been flitting between projects and reading (see that other place about that!) while trying to catch up on TV programs and listening to music… so a very flighty flaunt of the last couple of weeks work…


South Seas Lace – have been going gangbusters on this, except when I called in at Jayne‘s last week for a night of stitching, I spent so much time flapping my mouth, I didn’t realise until a couple of hours later, I’d made a fatal flaw back at the beginning and had to frog my work!   Claire is also going gangbusters, though not sure how Sandra‘s doing?

IMG_0050My working on four lots of stitchery projects at once has resulted in my finishing the stitchery for Melly and Me’s Feathered Friends, just need to put the bag together.   Slow progress on the others, will post photo’s as I finish them.


English Paper Pieced Hexagons – sorting out craft room I found these, a bundle of precut hexagons in soft dusky pinks, greens and creams and papers, so spent a Saturday at Mum’s basting them to papers and then a Sunday in front of the TV whip-stitching these.

IMG_0047And then discussion about The Great Parsonage Dresden Plate Exchange with Jayne and the girls (a block exchange for a group of friends that kicks off this month to be finished next May) prompted me to dig out these 1930s plates that I had marked up last summer, and spent most of yesterday pinning and piecing.

Below are the fabrics Mum and I have selected for this Saturday’s Mystery Marathon – my fabrics on the left, Mum’s on the right.


And just in case you despair of ever seeing a finished quilt – photo’s of two of Flossie’s quilts. The black and white churn dash she made and quilted herself several years ago. The bright Aussie themed quilt was a Round Robin she did when I first joined QDU, it’s one of her favourites.IMG_0007



5 Responses

  1. What a pretty hodge-podge of stitched things! I love them all, but my favorite is your pretty blue-stitched Feathered Friends. Sweet. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. some top projects there but the Dresden plate is definitely my faourite

  3. Blimey that is a LOT of skite-worthiness!!! Well done, all lovely stuff.

  4. Love the South Sea lace piece, it looks wonderful. The material is beautiful even if I don’t quilt.

  5. Wow you do have alot on the go, I had to laugh at your About Frou…sound so like me. But I did complete the Feather Freinds bag and I love it..its easy to put together..I love the blues…cant wait to see your projects comming together. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy sewing, Leahx

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