Friday Flaunt…Magpies in the Air Quilt

Well, my week has been sorta cruddy in regard to stitching, late work nights again!   And just tired and out of sorts, has seen me do very little work, apart from continuing to work on the 1930s Dresden plates…

So, another one of Flossie’s quilts… Magpies in the Air…


Seems appropriate to show this quilt, made for my nephew’s 21st, 2 years ago.  Leigh is a rabid Collingwood supporter, so it was obvious that he’d want a Black and White quilt.   Mum was originally going to make him a Black and White Bears Paw quilt, until she spotted the Birds in the Air block pattern…

Made over a 6 month period, and professionally quilted by Patchwork Addiction in Essendon.

The back of the quilt has a scanned image of the Magpie’s emblem.

Slight drama with the quilt, Leigh had a bust up with his live-in girlfriend last summer, and came home to find she’d been home during the day and packed all her belongings and left.

A couple of months later, he sheepishly admitted that he didn’t know where the quilt was… that they’d packed it up into a dresser during the warmer months, and he suspected that the ex had taken it with her, but as they no longer speak he felt a bit uncomfortable asking her if she’d taken it, in case she thought he thought she’d taken it on purpose.

When he moved out of his share house into the bungalow at Mum’s place a couple of months ago, we were very relieved to discover the quilt folded up into a suitcase!

It now has pride of place on the back of his couch, and he’s often to be found wrapped up in it, watching his beloved ‘pies on the TV.

Will be interesting to see what temperatures are like in that house on Sunday when his Magpies square off against Mum and Mike’s beloved St Kilda!!

6 Responses

  1. love the colour… have often thought about making a two colour quilt and this is starting the thoughts again… oh for time!

  2. Great news that the quilt was found!

    ……………Hmmmm………you have me thinking…… a black and white quilt ……………my brother and nephew are Collingwood supporters……….thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Great to know you have a working camera again….I love your posts, especially with photographs!! From one short attention spanner to another it is what makes us ‘special’ LOL

  4. What a beautiful quilt…..Go the Pies!!!!!!

  5. incredibly impressive in black and white !!!

  6. very effective, one day I’ll do a two colour quilt

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