Mystery Marathon Update plus…

This past weekend has been full of festivities to celebrate Flossie’s 70th birthday, starting off with a day at the Glenharrow Spring Stitch-in on Friday, with a lovely day had by all, that miracle of miracle’s actually included me doing some stitching instead of gum flapping for a change.  Two lovely little kits from Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley, scrumptious food and stunning show and tell, including getting to fabric fondle Rosalie’s new fabric line and see some of the projects from the about to be released book!

IMG_0093Saturday we spent having Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Hotel… which was very elegant and decadent, but also explains why I had a massive headache Sunday… way too much sugar!

Today I spent at Mum’s putting together our blocks from Helen Stubbing’s Mystery Marathon… due to a later than anticipated start (that damn headache still!) we only got the centre blocks put together and still have to add the two outer borders.   I’m going to have a go at quilting this using perle cotton, as I don’t want this to be added to the Quilt Top stage where it will remain for ever more!   Mum’s is the darker version, mine ’30s fabrics, so in hindsight not a lot of contrast, but I still like it…


IMG_0115After dinner tonight, I sat and finished marking up the Dresden Plates for an exchange I’m doing with some girlfriends from now until May 2010, as we’re handing over kits on Sunday.   Will show photo’s of my finished plates for Friday’s Flaunt.

The following photo’s of two projects Mum has been working on for me on and off this year.   Both come from Cabbage Rose Quilts/Barbara Brandeburg books, both made from my tub of 1930’s scraps!



4 Responses

  1. Happy birthday Flossie.
    oh I had a Birthday Tea at the Windsor ummmmmmm heaven.
    Love the quilts, both of

  2. Happy 70th Flossie. I hope you had a ball on your birthday.

    I hope your headache is all gone now.

  3. I do like both of the mystery quilts. Very different, but both quite lovely.

  4. The mystery quilts look great!

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