Oh wise ones…

These bundles of gorgeousness arrived today!

IMG_0154And I’m in a dilemma… and wanting some advice.

I want to use some of that bundle of gorgeousness above (it’s Simple Abundance by Bonnie and Camille by the way) to make the bundle of gorgeousness below (Mountain Rose from The Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns).

IMG_0158When I ordered the fabric online I was imagining that I would use a similar colour scheme, the pink print for the main fabric, the red for centre and buds and the green for the well the green bits!   Except when I was checking out the fabric I kinda liked the look of the yellow, so got some of that too…

And it’s now having arrived, I’m really liking the yellow, and the pink not so much!   Well, that’s not true, it’s lovely but I’m not sure that it’s the look I’m going for, I think it’s a bit pale – the red pin dots on the yellow are enchanting…

BUT… do I want to do a quilt with that much yellow in it?

So, my questions:

  • Do I stick with my original plan – pink flower, red centre/buds, green leaves?
  • Do I change to yellow flower, red centre/buds, green leaves?
  • Do I do red flowers, with yellow centres/buds, green leaves?
  • OR some combination of both – i.e. yellow and pink flowers, or alternate red and yellow flowers.

For your info:

  • Background is going to be plain white – Moda Bella (which I love)
  • Blocks are 9 inches finished, and that flower is big – applique goes to edges of block though its set with plain blocks between
  • I’ve bought enough of the red to also do binding – but am sticking with the plain border on the design…

So what do you think?   If I can’t decide I may make a test block up of each…

6 Responses

  1. I’d make just a flower in each of the possible combinations then pin them to your design wall, blutack to the wall 🙂 & just look at them as you go past for a day or 2 & one will jump out & grab you. Cheers, Jan

  2. i think if you’re having a white background (which I agree would be nice) you’d ideally want something that would stand out more then the palest pink (which didn’t look pink to me at all until i went to the website you got it from and then I can see it a little).

    If it were me I think i’d do red flowers with yellow inners but you could vary some and do yellow petals and the green as leaves on both. Providing the yellow stands out enough from the white fabric I think both would work.

    You could use red petals with pink centres for some but i’m not sold that pink is strong enough to work for it. I would love to see what you end up with!

  3. I think Jan’s idea (1st comment) is a good one. Just cut out the parts and lay them on your background side by side. Put them up somewhere and look at them for a while. Take a picture with your digital camera, download & look at it on the computer up close & from a distance. That may help you make your decision.

  4. I agree with Jan and Karen make a couple of flowers in the various colours schemes and see which one you prefer.

  5. That’s easy – make 2!

  6. Red Flowers with yellow centres and maybe buds in both.

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