Something….ummm…Red? South Seas Lace

Another finish for me this week, am on a roll!

This is a Debbie Draper design from The Gift of Stitching’s May 2009 issue.  Stitched using Threadworx Bleeding Hearts on white linen.

I started this as a Stitch Along with Claire and Sandra, but of course, I lagged behind, but was determined to catch up and get this finished.

Slight panic as I got closer to the finish line and I realised my strands of thread were rapidly diminishing… that’s ok – when I bought this thread at Quilters Bazaar last year and showed Mum she loved it so much she rang and ordered 3 skeins… but had forgotten that Lorraine had ordered them for her specially so she had them all from the same dyelot… and they looked completely different!!!

Then remembered that Jayne had also bought a skein elsewhere, and asked if she could bring it along when we had dinner this week… again – different.  Much more a burgundy red/plum colour that I had.

So, I was very frugal with my stitching, thinking of the best way to do each stitch to minimise thread use, stitching down to the last little scant inch on the needle.

Was close to the finish line last night when I should have been in bed, but knew I had to finish it and put myself out of my misery… was I going to run out of thread or not… NOT!    The photo below shows exactly how much thread I have left over.   Finished at about 1.00am this morning, so a very tired girl at work today.

If I’ve finished something, can I start something now?

I need to decide, considering how much of a recalcitrant SAL member I was, whether I want to join along with Claire and Sandra and lots of others in a SAL on Ink Circles Stitchers to stitch Ink Circles The Bramble and The Rose, which was published in June 2009 Gift of Stitching, which begins on 1 March.

I do love this design and would like to tackle it, and while I’m loving my Blackbird Stockings, the lots of thread colour changes can be annoying.   Except there’s no way you’d be able to memorise the pattern for this one!

Have been pondering doing this in a dark grey mottled Threadworx thread on a pale grey linen piece I have in stash (need to check if the linen is big enough) – not red I know, which is outside my comfort zone a little – but I think would look really dramatic with this design.   Hmmm…do I or don’t I?

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s Friday Sew in -recognise a few names on the list – Jan Q, Blessed, Fiona and Kate.

Still can’t decide what I want to work on – though I’ve got another early start tomorrow – up at 5.00am to be at a breakfast meeting by 7.00am – so will probably just pick up a UFO or several and try to make some progress.

5 Responses

  1. WELL DONE on your SSL finish !!! how stressful it must have been during the last stitches, wondering if you were going to run out of thread of not – glad you just had enough.
    And since you’re already considering WHAT threads & fabric to use for Bramble & Rose, I’d say you really DO want to join in lol. Come on, it’ll be fun and we won’t be racing. I’ll be stitching on 32 count so eye-sight will slow me down ^^

  2. Congratulations on your finish, it looks great! I think I would have had to have stayed up late to finish it too, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep wondering if there was enough thread to finish it!

    I agree with Claire, come and join us in the Bramble and Rose SAL, it really doesn’t matter how quickly or how slowly you stitch, I’m sure we’ll all get there in the end

  3. I really like that first piece! Congrats on the finish!!! I am going to have to hunt that pattern down and stitch it myself (as I don’t subscribe (yet) to the Gift of Stitching).

    I have been thinking about picking up the pattern for Bramble and Rose, but not to do in the SAL. I am finding, the more I look at other designers, that I am liking Ink Circles quite a bit. I will be interested to see how you tackle that design!


  4. Well done Vikki, I’m so very impressed your finished! Definately you should do the next one, you know you want to!!!

  5. Such gorgous work… I love these designs..

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