Fancy Work Revisited… and a winner

Further to my previous post, Fancy Work – I used a Random Number Generator to pick the winner, which was Kay whose comment made me laugh:

I drive myself to work now – so can’t “do” stuff on the trip. I listen to recorded books though – can’t waste time!!!
But my first job at 16 was in Brisbane (55 years ago). I used to travel to work on the tram – and I used to knit. For a while I was knitting booties for my older sisters new baby and I used to get lots of “sad ” smiles and one day when I got up to give my seat to an older lady – she said “no dearie you sit – your need is greater than mine” After that I stopped knitting booties on the tram.

Kay, send me an email with your details and I’ll get your prize in the mail to you.

It was lovely to read all your comments and stories, and it seems that men are more likely to comment on fancy work being done, as since the previous experience, I’ve had two further conversations on the bus.   One with a reasonably youngish guy who was standing next to my seat, who asked what I was doing, and how good it looked.   And another older gentleman, who as he passed my seat to take the seat opposite the aisle, remarked “It’s been awhile since I’ve seen someone doing work like that!”.

As to the ‘secret squirrel’ work I was doing – you can see below the 2 pincushions I made for Sandy as part of a pincushion swap on a Flickr group I belong to.

And below that photo’s of the gorgeous pincushions and goodies she sent me – am very spoiled.   If you check out Sandy’s photostream you can see this is one talented renaissance fancy worker!

Prompted by my posing the various fancy work projects for the photo in the previous post, I can confess, I’ve now finished off the stitching on all but of these projects, and just need to do the finishing off, and will then post photo’s.

2 Responses

  1. Does Sandy have a blog? I was looking at some of her tea pot quilt blocks and found them very interesting.

  2. […] showed photo’s of the pincushion swap here, and last month’s swap was butterfly themed.   I love butterfly quilts, have one on the go, […]

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