Songs to remember by…revisited

My response to Pip’s post about the soundtrack of our childhood reminded me of a blog post on my old blog…

I’ve realised that music is something that I can measure my life by, important and not so important moments, both good and bad times… there is usually some song that reflects that time or feelings, with songs capable of bringing back a time and place so vividly…

I love music, and love singing, though was told as a young girl in the school choir to sing ‘quietly’ i.e. mime, so was very self-conscious of singing for most of my life… and equally as self-conscious of dancing until I hit my 30s (would only dance when I was drunk before then and then I would dance on the tables!).

That doesn’t stop music from being as vital as breathing to me… so here then are some of the songs that reflect me and my life…

Someday, One Day – The Seekers (people say your a dreamer, what do they know of what your thinking, if you believe in what your doing, then believe in what I say)- this creates the most vivid memory of first year at primary school, and being dropped off at a family friends house before school.   I have never been much of a morning person, even as a little girl, so being bundled out of the house to go to a strangers home at the start of each day was a stress for me… but this song, which must have been in the charts at the time always seemed to be on the radio, and we got warm porridge and honey for breakfast …yum…

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime – Dean Martin – we had a turquoise VW beetle with a radio that didn’t work, so car trips usually involved us kids sitting in the back singing songs to entertain my Dad. Invariably, he would warble this to us – but changing the lyrics to ‘something in your kiss just told me, I’ve just kissed a cow!

Lullaby of Broadway – goodnight baby, goodnight, the milkman’s on his way, sleep tight baby, sleep tight, let’s call it a day – my first dance lessons, in a local hall with the daughter of a neighbour, we did a dance routine to this song, a sort of tap/ ballet fusion… I was probably 6 and already completely uncoordinated and had such a miserable time of it that I didn’t dance on stage again until I was 38!

Lipstick on Your Collar – Connie Francis – cousins, myself and my sister age about 9-10, learning the lyrics and putting on a show for the family. For some reason this song also has the visual memory of cousin masticating a banana sandwich with her mouth open… yuk!

Slipstream – Sherbert, Living in the 70’s – Skyhooks, Hard Road – Stevie Wright, High Voltage – AC/DC – the soundtrack of my teens, the first 4 albums I bought when I got a part-time job in a lotto/record/gift store. My first concert, Festival Hall, Buster Brown with Angry Anderson on vocals, Skyhooks just as their first album was released and Sherbet!

Turn the Beat Around – Vicki Sue Robinson – 17 years old, Collingwood Districts Football Club Disco – at a hall in Carlton North every Saturday night, $3 for chicks, $8 for blokes, as most of the chicks brought their Asti Spumante, and they had a keg of beer for the boys. I drank beer with the usual result of being totally rat-assed by the end of the night. A gorgeous (think young Robert Redford) boy used to pounce on me most Saturdays, put my hand in the back pocket of his jeans, and dance close, telling all and sundry I was his wife… and then completely blank me if he saw me on the street during the week, only to repeat the whole routine the following Saturday… talk about being confused… He gave me my first (and probably only) illicit drug, telling me it would make me feel better, and then had to spend the night wrapped around me in the backseat of a car while I screamed and howled my way down from the trip from hell. He spread the word that anyone giving me anything stronger than beer was going to answer to him, and then blackened his mate’s eye when mate shoved a bottle under my nose, saying sniff this!

Counting the Beat – The Swingers – my semi-punk days, short peroxide blonde hair, with jet black wispy bits stuck to my cheek, a multi-coloured bomber jacket, tight black skirt, one aqua stocking, one red, covered by fishnets… thought I was really cool, but never wore the outfit again after we walked into the pub one night to hear ‘OK, we can start now, the circus has arrived’

Walking on the Moon – The Police – giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon, I hope my legs don’t break, walking on the moon – first full-time job, living away from home for the first time in a share house with 2 chicks and a bloke in Richmond. The band stayed at the motel I worked at their first tour out, and we saw them play at Festival Hall…

Gonna Fly Now – The Theme from Rocky – aah, liniment, smelly socks and boys… football club rooms and the big difference between juniors and seniors is that seniors like to walk around naked… oh my… I don’t like football… I like footballers!

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac – My First Love sang this to me the night we met… both slightly intoxicated, sleepily sitting on Gossy’s mum’s couch close to midnight after he’d played in the winning grand final for his local team. He sang this quietly into my ear while he stroked my hair and then he kissed me…

No Lies – Noiseworks – one of my groupie stages (no sex though drats!)… sent the guys a bunch of balloons while they were recording their first album in Melbourne and came home to a gorgeous message on the machine from Jon Stevens. Meet them after a gig at the then Bell Street Rock one Easter, and they put my name on the door for every Melbourne gig for the next few years. Even got an invite up to Sydney for the filming of an MTV special when the album was released.

How Do I Live Without You – Trisha Yearwood, Easy – Faith No More, Throwing Cooper – Live – sitting on the swings at Fairfield Park at 3.00am talking to Boomerang Boy on our first date, and his relief after about half an hour of debate in discovering yes, we did like some of the same music – he was a metal head, and I’m a musical theatre girl! I sprinkled these songs through mix tapes that I played at ten pin bowling and we’d make eye contact across a crowded bowling alley and smile at each other.

Big Spender – Sweet Charity – so let me get right to the point, I don’t pop my cork for every guy I see – finally putting the past and self-consciousness behind me and belting this out at karaoke at a work Christmas Party without worrying about what I sounded like… the fact that I was 12 kinds of inebriated probably helped… but singing the love song duet with my boss at midnight was probably a bad move…

Would you…? – Touch and Go -I’ve noticed you around, I find you very attractive, would you, um, um, would you go to bed with me? – I laughed out loud (it was either that or cry) when this was playing on the radio after leaving Boomerang Boy’s house the ill-fated night he planned the big seduction scene. I arrived to find him almost crippled with back pain, which was bad enough, and then his brother deliberately came home to check me out, when he’d been told to stay away – add a malamute that went for the crotch snuggle every time she came into the room and his bedroom walls covered with photo’s of naked women in poses only their gyno should see and is it any wonder I said there was no way I was going to get naaaaked!

The Healer – John Lee Hooker – first time I got my feet and brain to work in sync at Miss Lou Lou’s Tap Dancing Academy, age 38!   Went on to dance at the National Theatre to The MilkShake – The Village People dressed as a cow, Tijuana Taxi by Herb Albert in sombrero and poncho and a fake moustache that kept falling off, as a gold tinselly sausage, I mean, showgirl to Madonna’s Hanky Panky, and my swan-song – Singing in the Rain by Gene Kelly dressed as a duck!
Heah ma, I can dance!    

 Well, actually I can’t really… why a girl who spends most of her time dancing from the waist up, lots of hand gestures, not a lot of foot work, ever took up tap is beyond me. The first time I ever persevered with something I suck at big time! It was fun, but after 5 years you were actually expected to be pretty good!!!


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  1. I had read this on your old blog but forgotten it. It reminds me, once again, of what a courageous person you are.

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