Click, clack…

This poor, sad, neglected blog… posts have been few and far between lately… partly as I’ve lacked a lot of energy to do much of anything except work and sleep!    And a fair bit of that work has been spent working from home, so my usually 2 hours of guaranteed crafty time on the tram has diminished.

And even when I did have to go into work, for some reason, doing the ‘fancy work’ I had been enjoying, just wasn’t working for me.   Partly a mixture of fatigue and headaches impacting on my ability to do any sort of fine eye work for a sustained period, and the fact that the project that I am desperately trying to get finished (as it’s a very overdue commitment) involves changing and sniping threads often!

So, what’s a girl to do – when she’s got a 1 hour each way commute, well she knits…

This is a shawl I finished for Mum’s birthday using Sarah Bradberry’s wonderful Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl – Ravelry link.   This is a very simple pattern, once you’ve established the pattern, as long as you make a note of where you are up to when you put it down each time.   I did most of this while travelling, except a major last ditch effort to get it finished and blocked in time for her birthday.

I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 3ply in Almond and after blocking the shawl finished up at 58 inches wide and 26 inches deep.  

Having got that finished, I dug out 2 skeins of some hand-dyed sock yarn I’d bought several years ago, when I misguidedly thought I might make lots of socks!    And went searching through Ravelry for a scarf/shawlette design that I could use for under 400m of yarn.   Found the Baktus design by Strikkelise, and then from there found the design for the Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen.

This was perfect, again a simple to learn 8 row pattern repeat, and better yet, I increased until I finished one ball of yarn, and then started decreasing with the other.   Had a slight panic attack when Gertie decided to ‘kill’ my 2nd ball of yarn and consequently ate through several sections of it… but did manage to eek out enough yarn to finish… about 1 metre left… phew!    Am going to do a simple crochet edging on this one in a plain purple… so will post photo’s when finished and blocked.

The yarn is the now defunct Angels & Elephants Hand-dyed 4ply wool in the Polperro colourway… a gorgeous mix of sage green, blues and purple.


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