Depression Jane…The between projects project…

One of my Depression Jane blocks

One of my Depression Jane blocks

A post by Julie on QDU and her blog reminded me about my Dear Jane quilt, which is sadly languishing in a box.

Dear Jane quilt A lovely fresh quilt by saarlc

My buddy Jayne and I did a class at Somerset Patchwork last year, and finally, after having the book for years, I started this ‘gunna’ project.

Got very enthusiastic, making up little packs of templates and then blocks, but then got caught up in the Di Ford’s Morrell Quilt class that I am doing with Jayne and a group of other friends at Needles and Pins in Warrandyte.

Have finished a couple of blocks, as you can see on my Dear Jane page, and have a lot more prepared, but instead of stressing about it, I’m going to take a leaf out of Jayne’s book as a between projects project – a little bundle of stuff I can work on when the mood takes me.***

*** Not sure why I’m calling this a between projects project, all of my projects fit that category… I seem to flit from one to the other!

I’m doing mine in 30’s reproduction fabrics, creating the trip around the world effect with bands of green, yellow, pink, blue and mauve, and aiming to use a different 30s fabric for each block, seem to be focusing on yellow blocks at present!

Well, Julie’s post and the subsequent messages on QDU have seen me spend a pleasant couple of hours surfing the web looking for inspiration, and found lots of blogs that I’ll need to explore further as well as some scrumptious photo’s and thought I’d share the joy!

  • Welsh Quilter has a lovely hourglass setting for her 1930s Dear Jane Blocks – would be good if the complexity of the triangles does me in, as I suspect it might!
  • Cindy Garcia’s award winning No Pain, No Jane quilt looks stunning with it’s black sashing and 30s prints
  • Not sure who the quilt makers are but but there are some lovely photo’s of Jane’s on Bizarre Quilters blog – isn’t the first bright one stunning!
  • Bridgett has a  gorgeous slideshow of quilts on Flickr including a lovely crisp blue and yellow version

Del Caskey from Canada with her Fickle Stickle Dear Jane Sarah's prize winning Dear Jane Quilt

A stunning green and red quilt by Sarah and  lovely monochromatic Jane by Del Caskey

And speaking of gorgeous 1930s quilts, I’m loving this Mariner’s Circle on Pam’s blog…