Giant Granny Love

Well I finished the Giant Granny Afghan I posted about here.

Giant Granny Afghan

Didn’t end up making it as big as I planned, when it was obvious I would have had to buy extra of some of the coloured yarn to keep going.   It ended up at 48 inches square, which is still a lovely size for snuggling under.

Scalloped edge

And I was very chuffed at being able to look at a granny rug I had bought last year and work out how to replicate the scalloped border… which I finished off in green.

Now, I’ve discovered that Miss Gracie, the yowling wondercat likes wool… actually likes it so much, this is what happens everytime I attempt to hook!

Gracie adding and abetting, or is that hindering hooking


Friday Night Sew-In…well, Stitch in really

Had big plans for yesterday’s Friday Night Sew in, but ended up sick with a sinus infection, that kept me curled up on the couch in front of the telly, dozing intermittently and feeling sorry for myself.

So instead of prepping Klosjes as I planned, I alternated between crocheting the Giant Granny Square and working on my It’s a Redwork Christmas blocks and making cups of tea and the resultant loo breaks.

Giant Granny Square

Giant Granny is coming along, have almost finished one full set of my colours and about to start repeating.   Am probably going to need to buy some more cream, but am hoping I’ll get 2 repeats of each colour out of each 100g ball.

Granny Square 20_03_10

I finished the It’s A Redwork Christmas block I’ve been working on while catching the tram this month, and started another.

It's a Redwork Christmas

Likely the Klosjes preparation will happen over Easter now, as next weekend is my brother’s 50th birthday celebrations, so the rest of this week will be spent finishing off his Dr Who Scarf as his gift.

Licorice Allsorts

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted on the blog, had disconnected my camera and it’s a major drama climbing under furniture to reconnect, and basically I was lazy!

And my oldest furbaby, Gertie has suddenly taken to taking up this pose everytime I sit in front of the computer… easy enough to surf the net, a bit difficult to type.

Gertie helping me update Flickr

So, this is a licorice allsorts sort of post, with an update of what I’ve been working on for the last little while and other stuff and nonsense.


First off, my lovely quilty fairy godmother Jasmine is having a blogaversary giveaway, she’s made a quilt from a jelly roll I sold in the big clean up last year!    She’s my fairy godmother, because the first time I ever met her in person, after corresponding online for awhile, she was wearing purple and black striped witchy socks with a tutu and a tiara!    And she almost conned a lovely man at the local pub into buying us a bottle of Moet Chandon – have loved her ever since.

Bobbi and Heidi have organised another Friday Night Sew-In for this Friday – Friday 19 March, you can find all the details here.    As Saturday is also International Quilt Day, I’m planning a night in on Friday that will probably extend over into the wee small hours of Saturday.   Will either do some more work on my Red and Green Sampler blocks like last time, or work on some Teapot blocks I am making as part of a Flickr Quiltalong.   By the way, I’ve finished the block I started at the last Friday night sew-in.

Source: Darlene C. Christopherson – A Perfect Union


Mid February, inspired by my finishing the last of my Baskets full of Butterflies blocks, I dug out another old WIP.    This quilt was designed by Michele Hill and is called Folk Art Sampler, published in APQ Vol 12, No. 12 and 13 in 2005.    I bought the fabric for this quilt while away studing at the University of Ballarat in July 2005 at Gail’s Patchwork Emporium, prepped 5 blocks, and stitched one flower on one block and then put it aside, where it has remained ever since.   So during February and March, I’ve finished buttonhole appliqueing the 5 prepped blocks, prepped and started stitching another 2 blocks.    I bought some sashing material a few weeks ago, and want to finish the centre blocks and add the outer borders.    I think the easiest way to get this finished is to prep all my applique and fuse and stitch one side at a time.

WIP Folk Art Sampler


Since my last post, I’ve also finished another Blackbird Design Stocking as part of Dragon My Needle’s Christmas Design SAL – gee there is some lovely work happening in the gallery of photo’s.

Blackbird Designs, Love is in the Air - Be Mine, Stitches and Spice Gravestone 32ct Belfast Linen, The Gentle Arts Thread - Aged Pewter, Clover, Avocado, Harvest Basket, Apple Cider, Antique Rose

I’ve also made a start on Ink Circles The Bramble and The Rose as part of a stitch-along that my cross-stitch enablers Claire and Sandra are also doing.   There are a few stitchers working on this one on the Ink Circles Stitchers blog.   I’m using Threadworx Lava Rocks, which is more a solid colour then I thought it would be.   Was originally going to use 32ct linen, but didn’t like the linen I’d ordered online, so found a piece of what I think is 28ct quaker cloth and am using that instead.   Means will be a bigger finish, but am loving it so far.

The Bramble and The Rose, 1st Progress Update


I really hate catching public transport!    I miss my car, and being able to drive to work without the hassle of city traffic and parking.     The only thing that has made life bearable is that I am using the 45 minute journey to and from work as an opportunity to use needle and thread.   BUT, what to do while travelling that doesn’t involve major supplies?     My Butterfly baskets were perfect, as they were fused and all used black thread… but I didn’t have another fused applique project that didn’t require multiple needle/ colour changes.    So for the last fortnight, I’ve been working on another of my It’s a Redwork Christmas blocks by Rosalie Quinlan, and this is my progress to date.    There are 9 of these blocks all up, and this is my 2nd block, so this could take me most of 2010 to work on during my travels.

It's a Redwork Christmas


And just to round out the whole needle and thread experience, I’ve also started playing with some crochet.    Inspired by Attic24, Do You Mind if I Knit? and Sarah London and some of the stunning work  they are all doing, I’m attempting to master the art of crochet.   While I’d love to try some of the more complex designs out there, I’ve started off simply, with a giant granny square, am going to use light pink, hot pink, red, yellow, green, turqoise and purple alternating with this creamy/white colour using yarn I had collected for another project that didn’t happen.

Giant Granny Square

And just to make sure she get’s her mugshot here, have a look at Gracie, my ever so slight crazy cat, assisting Mum as she prepared the surprise 50th quilt’s binding last weekend at my house.     I’ll post a proper photo of this quilt in a week or so, as the party is next weekend and it’ll be unveiled then.

Gracie helping with the quilting

Something New…the Secret that’s right under your nose quilt

My brother turns 50 on March 23, and on Christmas day after he made a crack to a family friend about the fact that he was still waiting for a quilt, though Mum had made 2 for my sister and I and one for each nephew, I asked Mum when we were alone if she wanted to make a quilt for him.   He lives in a self contained unit in the back of the family home – a bachelor, a computer nerd/geek, a solitary and quiet man, who loves movies and all things sci-fi and his family.

Conversation went like this:

Flossie (Mum): He’d never use it!  He never makes his bed!

Frou: Doesn’t matter – it’s the making of it that matters

Flossie:  There isn’t time!

Frou: If we picked a simple pieced pattern we’d have plenty of time

Flossie: I can’t afford fabric for a new quilt

Frou: We are over run with fabric!

Flossie: Yeah, but nothing suitable for a man

Frou: We have those 1/2 yard pieces of creams and indigos – they’d work (hoping she’d say no, as I really want to make something for me!).   And we’ve got all those solids we found when we sorted out our combined stash, there must be 100 different colours there.   We could do an Amish style quilt – I think I’ve got a big piece of black at home you could use.

Flossie:  How could I make it a surprise?

Frou: You’re going to be at my place for 10 days after New Year, I’ll help you – I’ll cut, press – you sew – piece of cake!

Flossie:  I’ll think about it.

A week later, she’d found a pattern in a magazine, sorted a huge bag of solids, and rang the Quilt shop to ask what date they’d need the quilt by in order for us to have it quilted by early March to get it finished in time, and I was asked next time I came to bring my piece of black so she could see if she’d have enough (when we measured it, my biggish piece of black fabric turned out to be 15 metres, but sshhh that’s another story).

That done – while at my place she went to work… having precut her strips, she started piecing the blocks.   Took the started quilt home and worked on them while she watched the Australian Open.   Her comment: “He doesn’t like the tennis, so will stay out in his room most of the time, and even if he does come in, he won’t even notice what I’m doing!”.

And so, Mum worked on his blocks right under his nose, until it got to sashing and making up the rows.   Then she worked on the quilt on Thursday nights when he was at his Poker Club, sewing the last seam of the backing just as he arrived home a fortnight ago.

We planned a weekend at my place on the guise of going to a quilt show and a movie, so she could press the quilt and organise to drop it off to be quilted.   This photo, taken with the quilt spread out on my bed was the first time Mum got to see the whole top, as she’d spent most of her time scrunching it up and making it look inconsequently.

Just waiting for the call to say it’s finished being quilted, hopefully before the Labour Day Long Weekend, and another overnight stay at my place “because we’re going to the Ballarat Quilt Show” and we can sew the binding down.

Bibs and Bobs…

Not a lot of stitching going on still in the Frou Palace… am still sorting out cupboards and boxes and bins purging stuff (see the For Sale pages)… look what I found, and forgot I had…

These were a set of Dresden Plates I bought on ebay a few years ago.  Not vintage made, but using vintage fabrics.   So have cut out muslin squares to applique them on to.

What little work I have been doing is primarily work on South Seas Lace – this was a SAL I was doing with Claire and Sandra – but both of them have finished theirs… so I’ve been attempting to get this done in what little time I have had free.

I did manage to get a Kris Kringle present stitched up last weekend, but forgot to take a photo!   I’ve talked before about The Parsonage gang – a group of women who are planning our 4th visit to The Parsonage in 2010, a weekend of laughter, mayhem and stitching.   On Thursday night, we had a get together – partly to do a block exchange – as we are making Dresden Plates for each other, as well as a chance to catch up with each other before the Christmas crazies kick in.   We organised a Kris Kringle exchange, something sewing related – and I made a couple of stitched pincushions.   And was very lucky to end up with Jayne’s gift … isn’t this gorgeous!

And the only other excitement is the purchase of this!

I’ve fallen for Moda Bella Solids – the white is lovely and crisp, gorgeous to work with, some give but also irons up well.   Have recently bought some of the Bella Snow a lovely pale cream after noticing that lots of designers are using it.    And being constantly frustrated by the difference in image quality and reality looking at fabric online, ordered the Colour Card… dreaming of working with solids!

Sunday Studio Sightseeing… Ms. Domestic’s Place

Haven’t blogged at all this week, neither have many other Victorian bloggers, I suspect – it’s been so, so hot!

But, can’t miss the Sunday Studio Sightseeing… today the tour bus is heading over to Ms. Domestic’s place.   Oh, and she makes the cutest aprons, you can see them here in her etsy shop!

Is this not the best built in sewing/computer workstation you’ve ever seen? All made by Ms. Domestic’s Mister!

And the overhead cupboards and shelves are a must, as are the baskets and file folders and pretty bits.

Unfortunately, I can’t build anything in or hang anything from the wall at my place as I’m renting, but lots of ideas brimming after looking at this space.
Like having glass jars full of buttons and ric rac and notions. Have seen this a few times now, and think its a great idea, why not let your toys be your decoration as well.

I think I should be concentrating not just on getting my fabric out of cupboards but also my wool, knitting needles, embroidery cottons and buttons.

By the way, it now appears to be all the rage to either recover books or sort books on shelves by their colour.  Check out this COLOURlovers blog entry or the Rainbow of Books Flickr Group for same amazing bookshelves.

In talking to a friend, who is a librarian but now works in IT on Friday night as she was unpacking her books onto shelves, she rolled her eyes.   But I actually think it would work for me, because when I go hunting for a book I nearly alway visual its cover!

Not sure that I’m up to completely reorganising my crammed 5 full height bookshelves in the living room, but if I’m sorting fabric on to shelves in colour groups in what will be Atelier Frou why not my books.

Already thinking of sorting my buttons into jars of each colour, and possibly also my knitting needles!

***Methinks COLOURlovers would be a great resource in regard to putting colour schemes together.