Licorice Allsorts

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted on the blog, had disconnected my camera and it’s a major drama climbing under furniture to reconnect, and basically I was lazy!

And my oldest furbaby, Gertie has suddenly taken to taking up this pose everytime I sit in front of the computer… easy enough to surf the net, a bit difficult to type.

Gertie helping me update Flickr

So, this is a licorice allsorts sort of post, with an update of what I’ve been working on for the last little while and other stuff and nonsense.


First off, my lovely quilty fairy godmother Jasmine is having a blogaversary giveaway, she’s made a quilt from a jelly roll I sold in the big clean up last year!    She’s my fairy godmother, because the first time I ever met her in person, after corresponding online for awhile, she was wearing purple and black striped witchy socks with a tutu and a tiara!    And she almost conned a lovely man at the local pub into buying us a bottle of Moet Chandon – have loved her ever since.

Bobbi and Heidi have organised another Friday Night Sew-In for this Friday – Friday 19 March, you can find all the details here.    As Saturday is also International Quilt Day, I’m planning a night in on Friday that will probably extend over into the wee small hours of Saturday.   Will either do some more work on my Red and Green Sampler blocks like last time, or work on some Teapot blocks I am making as part of a Flickr Quiltalong.   By the way, I’ve finished the block I started at the last Friday night sew-in.

Source: Darlene C. Christopherson – A Perfect Union


Mid February, inspired by my finishing the last of my Baskets full of Butterflies blocks, I dug out another old WIP.    This quilt was designed by Michele Hill and is called Folk Art Sampler, published in APQ Vol 12, No. 12 and 13 in 2005.    I bought the fabric for this quilt while away studing at the University of Ballarat in July 2005 at Gail’s Patchwork Emporium, prepped 5 blocks, and stitched one flower on one block and then put it aside, where it has remained ever since.   So during February and March, I’ve finished buttonhole appliqueing the 5 prepped blocks, prepped and started stitching another 2 blocks.    I bought some sashing material a few weeks ago, and want to finish the centre blocks and add the outer borders.    I think the easiest way to get this finished is to prep all my applique and fuse and stitch one side at a time.

WIP Folk Art Sampler


Since my last post, I’ve also finished another Blackbird Design Stocking as part of Dragon My Needle’s Christmas Design SAL – gee there is some lovely work happening in the gallery of photo’s.

Blackbird Designs, Love is in the Air - Be Mine, Stitches and Spice Gravestone 32ct Belfast Linen, The Gentle Arts Thread - Aged Pewter, Clover, Avocado, Harvest Basket, Apple Cider, Antique Rose

I’ve also made a start on Ink Circles The Bramble and The Rose as part of a stitch-along that my cross-stitch enablers Claire and Sandra are also doing.   There are a few stitchers working on this one on the Ink Circles Stitchers blog.   I’m using Threadworx Lava Rocks, which is more a solid colour then I thought it would be.   Was originally going to use 32ct linen, but didn’t like the linen I’d ordered online, so found a piece of what I think is 28ct quaker cloth and am using that instead.   Means will be a bigger finish, but am loving it so far.

The Bramble and The Rose, 1st Progress Update


I really hate catching public transport!    I miss my car, and being able to drive to work without the hassle of city traffic and parking.     The only thing that has made life bearable is that I am using the 45 minute journey to and from work as an opportunity to use needle and thread.   BUT, what to do while travelling that doesn’t involve major supplies?     My Butterfly baskets were perfect, as they were fused and all used black thread… but I didn’t have another fused applique project that didn’t require multiple needle/ colour changes.    So for the last fortnight, I’ve been working on another of my It’s a Redwork Christmas blocks by Rosalie Quinlan, and this is my progress to date.    There are 9 of these blocks all up, and this is my 2nd block, so this could take me most of 2010 to work on during my travels.

It's a Redwork Christmas


And just to round out the whole needle and thread experience, I’ve also started playing with some crochet.    Inspired by Attic24, Do You Mind if I Knit? and Sarah London and some of the stunning work  they are all doing, I’m attempting to master the art of crochet.   While I’d love to try some of the more complex designs out there, I’ve started off simply, with a giant granny square, am going to use light pink, hot pink, red, yellow, green, turqoise and purple alternating with this creamy/white colour using yarn I had collected for another project that didn’t happen.

Giant Granny Square

And just to make sure she get’s her mugshot here, have a look at Gracie, my ever so slight crazy cat, assisting Mum as she prepared the surprise 50th quilt’s binding last weekend at my house.     I’ll post a proper photo of this quilt in a week or so, as the party is next weekend and it’ll be unveiled then.

Gracie helping with the quilting


Friday Night Sew In…Red and Green Sampler

My plans for a Friday night of major preparation of some new projects, bit the dust early!

I’ve had 3 really early starts at work this week, and back to back meetings, so by Friday and a 7.00am start I was running on fumes.   Add to that a warmish, windy couple of days creating sinus problems, and a low grade headache that doesn’t want to go away, by the time I left for home last night I was a wreck.

So, instead of spending the night at the cutting mat and light box as planned, I curled up on the couch finishing off Season One of the X Files and did some work on a couple of blocks that I had back basted last year… these are for the Red and Green Sampler I started last year, you can see my other finished blocks on the Red and Green Sampler page. Each block is 10 inches finished.

I forgot how long some of these blocks take to needleturn, and as I haven’t done it for awhile, took me a while to get my groove thing happening, but I did manage to completely finish the one above, which is one of Di Ford’s blocks from the Morell Quilt pattern and I’m about half way around the papercut style block from Darlene C. Christopherson’s book – A Perfect Union – lots of curvy bits.

In between, I did a little bit of handpiecing on another of the Morell Quilt blocks, but not enough to really show for anything… need to prepare a few more of these blocks as it was nice to know I could just pick up the box and start stitching.

Plan was to get up today and make a start on the preparation weekend I planned, but the low grade headache kicked up a notch over night so I’ve spent most of the day curled up on the couch with the cats, flicking through magazines and dozing.   Have had a cool shower, and a bowl of spag bol and more painkillers and feeling semi-comatose so might try to get the 2nd block finished, as I wouldn’t trust myself with a rotary cut today!

Well, there’s always tomorrow!

Friday Flaunt… Morrell Quilt

Well, if I’m only going to flaunt items that I finish, I won’t be flaunting often!

So these are some of my Morrell Blocks already backbasted for me to applique.   There are a stack of others already started… and my finished blocks can be seen on the Morrell page.

Have been concentrating on cross-stitch lately, but as I received the 4th mini quilt of the month from The Quilters Crow, and I haven’t finished the 1st, am going to work on this project over the weekend


The Morrell Quilt … a tale of red and green

Last year, on our annual pilgrimage to The Parsonage we called into Threadbear, my absolutely favourite patchwork and quilting shop.   Actually, we almost lived there that weekend, calling in on the Saturday, and Corliss coming to visit us on the Sunday to show us some of her antique quilts and then calling back in on our way home on the Sunday!

On the Sunday we wandered into the backroom and clapped eyes on this thing of beauty!

Di_ford-morrellThis quilt designed by Di Ford (formerly of Primarily Patchwork) is based on a quilt by Sarah Morrell, and is made up of 60 blocks combining piecing, needleturn applique and broderie perse.

We all swooned, and when Corliss mentioned they were getting the quilt and kits ready to release this as a BOM at the Quilt Exhibition at Jeff’s Shed, my heart raced… do I sign up for it, or don’t I?

We talked about this almost all the way home, it’s gorgeous and it’s RED!   Di’s patterns are always fantastic, but I have a bucket load of fabric from this era at home already, should I wait and see if it is offered as a pattern after the BOM is finished.

Roll on- it’s now September, and in our conversation with Corliss she mentioned that Di Ford is teaching classes at Needles and Pins in Warrandyte, a quilt shop that we weren’t familar with.  And Jayne, who made her first quilt with Di at Primarily Patchwork and has made several other of her designs, decides to track down a class list and emails it to the group, saying “there’s a couple of quilts here that sound promising might try to track down photo”.   And I recognise one of those promising quilts as the Morrell Quilt!   So, 4 of us signed up to do the class, six classes over 6 months but with gaps between each class for us to work on the quilt.

I agonised over what colours I wanted to use.   While the quilt is stunning, I wanted to do something different… and so I sorted through my reproduction fabrics and decided I was going to use an ivory background and make my blocks predominantly red and green.

imag0583Took along my stash to class one, and  with guidance from Di, started on my centre block, which is still a work in progress… as I got a bit disheartened when it became obvious my centre is going to have a hole in it – yo-yo anyone?

But in prepping for some more blocks I realised my fabric, predominantly from the same range, includes a lot of the same prints, just in the two different colourways and if I wanted to jazz it up, I’d need to buy some more fabric, so a few weeks ago, Jayne and I headed over to Somerset Patchwork and I have now ended up with this little collection…

imag0582imag0581The large floral fabric is going to be used to broderie perse blocks (if I decide to do them!)   I need to do some serious piecing if I am going to keep up with this quilt!

But the day spent with Jayne, looking at her blocks and playing with my fabric has me motivated…imag0580

And I’ve discovered other people have either finished this quilt or are also on the journey, which also motivates me.

Links to other people’s Morrell Quilt projects:

  • Jayne’s fabrics – if we ask her nicely she might post photo’s of her finished blocks
  • Helen Hayes finished quilt as displayed at Australian Quilt Convention 2008
  • The Quilting B’s block progress – interestingly using the same fabric for her broderie perse as I have

Drooling and dribbling… bloggy goodness

Oh… be still my heart… I seem to have immersed myself in other people’s quilty goodness this week… updating my blogroll and discovering all sorts of wonderful things… following bloggy trails that have taken me hither and yonder… only fair that I share… but be warned, you’ll be dashing for your stash…

OH, YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE FRIENDS – sometimes you meet people and you just know that they are meant to be important to you – Jayne is one of those people.  We worked together, and now we play together often… and I love her to bits… and I’m not just saying that so that she’ll make me a quilt!   She’s just started a blog, and you can see all of her quilts here – I keep telling her she should draft Makara’s Quilt up as a pattern – I’d make it!

ANGEL IS A CENTREFOLD – I spotted this great fabric folding technique on the Happy Zombie’s blog last summer, and after a major washing fabric blitz neatly folded all of my 30s fabrics, and for a very brief while, they looked mega-organised on my white bookshelf… was going a bit for a look like this but didn’t quite manage it… I can dream can’t I!   But when I moved midyear I used my fabric stash to wrap all my crockery and other precious things instead of newspaper – a brilliant idea, if I may say so, cause I had to pack the fabric anyway, so it saved on boxes.  But, then I rewashed my bits and they’ve been dumped in a tub ever since.  As I’m starting to prep. for a major quilting onslaught, I might find sometime to get a bit organised again.

MISS POLLY HAD A DOLLY WHO WAS SICK, SICK, SICK – there isn’t just one thing on Crazy Mom’s blog to inspire me, there is a whole stack load of things… every quilt is gorgeously bright and cheery, with lots of great tutorials, but the doll quilts with matching pillows and pillowcases are sooo cute… Jayne, I’m sure Princess M would love some of these!

MY COAT OF MANY COLOURS – AAAND Crazy Mom’s blog led me to Bella Dia and the Vintage Vertical Striped Crochet Blanket- my Nana taught me to knit and crochet, but Nana was too impatient to finish the crochet lessons, so I never did learn to turn corners, so this is ideal.   The colours of this remind me of a maxi-dress with hood my Mum made for me to wear to a cousin’s wedding aeons ago, all brightly coloured stripes – not very flattering on all my pre-teen lumps and bumps… but the bridesmaid’s were worse… lemon mini-dresses and semi-bouffant hair and pale lipstick.    There is a great pom pom tutorial here too… and check out the THINGS I’VE MADE pages… you just have to smile!

SWEETS FOR MY SWEET, SUGAR FOR MY HONEY … this is a great idea of Moda’s – The Moda Bakeshop – some freebie patterns to use jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cakes etc.   I particularly like the tablerunner (The Parsonage gang are making tablerunners for each other this year) and the travel mug.

SUNSHINE AND LOLLYPOPS, RAINBOWS EVERYDAY… am I showing my age, that everytime I look at Don’t Look Now‘s blog I want to start singing this song.   I love the Flower Garden Pillow tutorial as well as all the other gorgeous things.

BAUBLES, BANGLES AND BEADS… and Don’t Look Now lead me via Amitie to this gorgeous thing on Audrey & Maude’s blog … not too early to start for Christmas 2009 is it?

And to finish off… continuing my ongoing love of red and green quilts – isn’t this a stunner!

applique green and red on light background