Something old….Butterfly Baskets

Woo hoo!

I finished, I finished… well, technically, not really but I have finished stitching these little beauties.

I wrote about these on my very first blog post here and said I hoped to be finished soon, ha ha!   That was September 2008 and last night I put the last stitch in the last butterfly.

This pattern is a Brandywine  Designs Pattern that I made mucho bigger as you do…

About 7 years ago, I bought several metres of a white on white fabric and this pattern.   Cut out as many 7 inch blocks as the meterage allowed for, haven’t counted them, but well over 100.   And then started the process of tracing a basket and butterfly out of a different 1930s fabric in my stash.   And then randomly put baskets and butterflies together.

Baskets and butterfly quilts and 1930s fabrics are 3 of my favourite things, so imagine how much fun it was to combine them all.

It’s been a PUPD project ever since (Pick Up Put Down) and one that worked well for the soon to be patented “Quilting Technique for those with Short Attention Spans but Slight Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”.

WHAT?   Not familiar with this tested under extreme conditions, guaranteed never to fail technique.

It’s simple – I threaded up a dozen or so needles with black thread and attached them to a dozen or so blocks.   Then worked one thread length, ended off, threaded up another needle and put the block aside and picked up another one.    Sounds really labourious but heah it works for me – the satisfaction of having 12 blocks finished almost at once.

Worked particularly for me while catching the tram to and from work, as I didn’t need to fiddle with scissors or threading needles.   Just stitch a block, end it off, fold it up and thread needle through it, pop it in a little bag and pick up the next block.

A variation on this theme, is having multiple technique projects on the go, with at least one – “I want to get it finished, but I find it really boring project.   A needle, a length of thread, work, end off, rethread and put aside.    Alternate between needleturn applique, buttonhole applique, embroidery, cross-stitch and handpiecing.   Haven’t managed to combine knitting or crochet into the mix but I’m sure it could be done!

Anyway’s!    Back to baskets…. did I tell you they were finished?

Next steps to trim the blocks to a standard size and then randomly put them together.   Not going to sash them, may not even put a border on – though did think about making the outer baskets face outwards….hmmmm what do you think?

Come back tomorrow… Posts on Something new, something borrowed etc. to come