Sunday Studio Sightseeing… Ms. Domestic’s Place

Haven’t blogged at all this week, neither have many other Victorian bloggers, I suspect – it’s been so, so hot!

But, can’t miss the Sunday Studio Sightseeing… today the tour bus is heading over to Ms. Domestic’s place.   Oh, and she makes the cutest aprons, you can see them here in her etsy shop!

Is this not the best built in sewing/computer workstation you’ve ever seen? All made by Ms. Domestic’s Mister!

And the overhead cupboards and shelves are a must, as are the baskets and file folders and pretty bits.

Unfortunately, I can’t build anything in or hang anything from the wall at my place as I’m renting, but lots of ideas brimming after looking at this space.
Like having glass jars full of buttons and ric rac and notions. Have seen this a few times now, and think its a great idea, why not let your toys be your decoration as well.

I think I should be concentrating not just on getting my fabric out of cupboards but also my wool, knitting needles, embroidery cottons and buttons.

By the way, it now appears to be all the rage to either recover books or sort books on shelves by their colour.  Check out this COLOURlovers blog entry or the Rainbow of Books Flickr Group for same amazing bookshelves.

In talking to a friend, who is a librarian but now works in IT on Friday night as she was unpacking her books onto shelves, she rolled her eyes.   But I actually think it would work for me, because when I go hunting for a book I nearly alway visual its cover!

Not sure that I’m up to completely reorganising my crammed 5 full height bookshelves in the living room, but if I’m sorting fabric on to shelves in colour groups in what will be Atelier Frou why not my books.

Already thinking of sorting my buttons into jars of each colour, and possibly also my knitting needles!

***Methinks COLOURlovers would be a great resource in regard to putting colour schemes together.


Sunday Studio Sightseeing…Treasureup’s Place

Spreading the Craft Studio love again… a very different feel to last week’s studio, but I really like Treasureup’s space… it gives me a sense of the owner, her likes and dislikes … it’s also quite obviously a working space… so lots of busyness and clutter… Have a look at her quilt photo’s on flickr – but get yourself a cuppa first and sit down to a wonderfully diverse slideshow of loveliness.

These lovely old cupboards, made to look the same with painting and changed door handles, and the gorgeous curtains and walls… all the colours in this room work!

As do the framed vintage  needlebooks (what a fantastic idea!)

And lovely collections of vintage tins and baskets to hold treasures.

What a great use for an old computer cupboard for sewing machine and supplies.

And every quilter needs to have a design wall… and the quilt in progress is lovely.

Sunday Studio Sightseeing… Hummmlan’s place

In talking with different friends over the last week, and also in thinking about wanting to participate in a couple of free BOMs, I’ve realised one of the reasons why I’ve struggled to do much crafty work this last year is my stuff is everywhere, and it’s hard to find anything!

And a workshop I did on innovation and creative last year, talked about your workspace having a significant impact on your creativity – that using colour and changing your space inspire creativity.

So, I’ve been looking at what other quilters and crafters have been doing to create inspirational workspaces, while I don’t have a dedicated room, I’m going to try to do something to organise the spaces I do have** to enable me to access my work and encourage creativity and thought I might share some images with you (with permission from these wonderfully creative people).

So, this Sunday we’re paying a visit to Hummmlan – not only is this craft room gorgeous, if you wander around the blog you’ll also see some stunning other rooms and better yet, lots of gorgeous made objects. I’m a bit in love with this desk and shelf unit…also love the soft green walls.

Also, check out See Jane Run, See Jane Go‘s transformation!   She’s also got a giveaway of some stunning Andalucia fabrics on her blog

** I’m thinking now that I am no longer required to do work from home or study, I could downsize my huge workstation to a smaller desk which means I could convert my small study into a proper crafty space (at present everything is crammed into the spare wardrobe or under beds)!