Flossie’s Stuff

This is a place for me to put information on Mum’s (Flossie) completed quilts and other things, lots of which end up living at my house – aren’t I lucky!

You are likely to see way more completed quilts here then you will anywhere else on this blog!

GOING TO THE CHAPEL– a stitched cushion given as a wedding present.

Round Robin Quilt – Flossie’s first swap – a Round Robin organised by QDU.

Black and White Churn Dash – one of Flossie’s first finished quilts.

Magpies in the Air – made for my youngest nephew for his 21st birthday – more info. here.

Bluework Baby Quilt – made for the first grandchild of a friend of my brothers – more info. here.

1930s Hearts – made by Mum for my depression era cast iron bed!  You can read more about the making of this quilt here.

Birthday Butterfly Blossoms – made from Birthday FQ swap fabrics – you see more information about this quilt here.

Michelle's quiltMichelle’s Quilt – Made for the wife of my brother’s friend as a Christmas gift – red and navy prints on a white background – hand appliqued and quilted using the quilt as you go method – from an APQ Magazine- you can read the story of this quilt here.

1930s QUILT – Mum made this quilt for me as a Christmas present in 2006.  It was a complete surprise, something she struggled with as I have a habit of just calling in unexpectedly, or ringing and saying is it ok if I call in, and I apparently did that a lot in the months she was working on this project so she had a mad scramble to hide it all away before I got there!  I love it, it is either folded up on the railing of my 1930s cast iron bed, or at the end of the couch.

DOLLIES – Mum went through a doll-making phase, and she reckons its just as easy to make 5 dolls from the same pattern at once as it is to make one!   Consequently, she kept a doll, and my sister and I got one each, and then the others were given away as gifts.   Rule of thumb with dolls for me, they must include some red!

This large doll has a bannister as it’s base. Mum found the pattern in a Homespun magazine, and then a week or two later we drove past a house being renovated and there was a piece of bannister sitting on the grass, so she crept out of the car and carried this large piece of joinery home – she made 7 dolls!   Its funny watching Mum in the production of these, as she has dolly bits all over the place, something faintly disturbing about a basket full of stuffed dolls arms and legs, though she has to be careful, as Scully, her cat, has a habit of running off with body parts and playing with them.

STARS FOR NICK – This is my nephew’s 21st birthday quilt, made from a pattern in Traditional Quiltworks that was a variety of blues on white. Mum changed it just a little!!! Using a variety of Moda Marbles and other mottled solids.


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