Things made by others

Here are quilts and other things I own that were made by others!


Green Lone Star Quilt – A quilt I bought via ebay.  I suspect it was made from one of those precut quilt kits there around way back when.  Regardless, I like it a lot.   It hung at a window at my old house for a long time when the curtain rod broke.  And now lives on the end of the sofa and gets dragged out to huddle under on cold nights.  Many a day and night lately, I’ve slept under it.  And can guarantee anytime I unfold it over me I’ll have not one but two cats sitting on top of it almost instantly.


Mady by Jayne as a Kris Kringle gift.

Project Bag – This bag was made for me by my friend Debbie as part of a swap Jayne organised last year.  For two years a group of friends have gone to The Parsonage in Maldon for a quilty weekend.  Its a gorgeously indulgent weekend of talking and laughing and stitching that Jayne organises.  This year we swapped 4 fat quarters of fabric and had to make the receipent a bag using those fabrics as a base.  This is my bag – Debbie modified an existing bag pattern to highlight the large border print.   When we bought our fabrics we picked fabric from the same range, and then in the swap, Debbie got me, and I got her!   I haven’t got a photo of Deb’s bag, will have to track one down, but it was tiny compared to this one, which I used to lug the Dr Who Scarf around in.


3 Responses

  1. You’re absolutely right! I bet your lone star and mine are cousins at least! It was fun but would have been fun faster if I had known to piece the strips then put them together 🙂


  2. you came to Maldon – 10 minutes up the road – and didn’t come visit ? [ sniffle ]

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