Definition – A project in a Grocery Bag (or in my case, a project in a plastic tub or shoebox).   Projects where fabric has been collected, pattern selected but no work has been done!   This does not include any patterns or books set aside for potential projects where fabric has yet to be allocated!

I’m going to progressively add to this list, and hopefully remove from this list on occasion.

LOVE LETTERS – have fabric to make one of these Blackbird Design quilts for me using original fabrics as well as darker burgundy/navy version for Mum!

AUNT MAGGIE’S TULIPS – These 1930s nine patch blocks were purchased from ebay.   Want to use them in a quilt based on Brandywine Design’s pattern of the same name.   Except, as the nine patches use white it won’t be exactly the same.   Just to have to add the corner triangles to put the blocks on point and applique the tulips, but have no plans to start this anytime soon.

CATCH A CHRISTMAS STAR – this is a Bunny Hill design that was available as BOM.  I missed out on it here in Australia, by the time I discovered it, the BOM was full and only the pattern was available.  Well, as it was the fabric used that appealed to me – all that Green and Red! – I put the pattern on my ‘maybe one day’ list and forgot about it.   Imagine my delight, when someone who had purchased the BOM and then started the quilt, sold the entire kit of patterns, fabric and prepared blocks on ebay for a song(including all of the buttons!).   Two of the blocks have been made up already, one even with the fused applique – might dig this out to work on for Christmas 2009

HEXAGON MAGIC – This pattern by Chris Jurd was published in APQ Vol 16, No. 11 – wanting to use some of my civil war reproduction fabrics, but awhile ago when sorting out my biggish pieces of neutrals found these that I think will work for the borders.

HOLLY GO GARDEN – Fabric is a collection of Robyn Pandolph’s Holly Go Lightly.   Pattern is the Secret Garden by The Chook Shed Pattern Company.   My version will be lots brighter than the version on the quilt. Have had the fabric for ages, needing a background fabric, which I might now have, so might be able to start this soon.

PENCIL ROLLS – on quiltnetting, I read Bloom’s post on the pencil rolls she made for teachers, designed by Pink Chalk Studio’s.   I remembered I had a collection of F16s of plains and mottled bought for me by Flossie, and showed her the pattern and fabric and asked what do you think?   She’d have to make them, as they are done on the machine.   But we both are frustrated by the boxes our coloured pencils are in and having to lug them around, so would like a pencil roll each, and we probably have enough fabric to make a few as gifts as well.

PRINCESS FEATHER BED – this is a pattern called Exuberance by Margaret McDonald that I purchased with a starter pack of red fabric from Threadbear in Castlemaine.   Finished quilt will be 82 inches square, the feathers themselves are large, so will be lovely to applique once I start.  Need to wash fabrics carefully before I start – as I want to use an ivory background and these reproduction reds are very dark and will likely run.

TEA AND FRUIT COCKTAIL – This is a little collection of F8ths of Chloe’s Closet Fruit Cocktail range – want to make the Shall I Pour? quilt in Kay Mackenzie’s Teapots to Applique book.   By the way, Kay has an excellent blog for anyone who loves applique


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