On these pages, I’m going to slowly put up photo’s of finished quilt tops as I work my way through unpacking and organising my crafty stuff.

Red and Purple Faux Log Cabin

Red and Purple Faux Log Cabin

RED AND PURPLE FAUX LOG CABIN This was made using Billie Lauder’s Faux Log Cabin pattern and a bundle of red and purple FQs.   Cut by me, pieced by Flossie.   Need to decide on a border fabric, and I have a yen to buttonhole applique some giant orange and yellow flowers on this, but not sure!

Umbrella Girl

Umbrella Girl

UMBRELLA GIRL – I love this quilt top, that I bought from ebay in the US.   I don’t know the origins of the quilt, but it’s maker has the most beautiful applique stitch and embroidery.   It’s very, very bright, and huge – it completely covers my antique cast iron bed including the mattress.   Need to find a backing in an orange/green colourway (maybe 30s repro?) and then handquilt it  – will wait till after my class with the Thimblelady – but am thinking simple cross hatching in the blocks and a cable for the sashing and border.

Amish Style Row by Row

Amish Style Row by Row

AMISH STYLE ROW BY ROW – When I first started quilting, I think I joined every block and quilt swap going, including participating in several swaps on an online quilt group.   This was my first row by row, I made the reverse applique house blocks, and sent my black fabric with the quilt and asked the swappers to make rows using traditional blocks.   There is a row missing – one swapper made lots of little bow tie blocks and I’ve used them to create the label for the back which has all the swap details.   Want to quilt this with white thread, as is traditional, but again want to wait till I’m a bit better with my quilting.

This is COUNTRY COLLECTIBLES– a Block of the Month by Chook Shed Designs (now Kookaburra Cottage) that I purchased from Honeysuckle Cottage. I’ve had this folded up on the back of the sofa and so Gracie, my cat, has slept all over it, and it’s not even quilted yet! Am thinking of echo quilting the shapes using perle cotton?


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