Quilting – Works in Progress

WORKS IN PROGRESS A work that has commenced or is actively being worked on at present.

LAURA’S LEGACY LITTLE QUILTS – I’ve been receiving each of this little quilts from The Quilted Crow, but unfortunately seem to have lost my interest in piecing at present, so have only started the first quilt.   Next Steps: Finish this one, and get started on the other nine I’ve received so far!


My block 2

 THE PARSONAGE DRESDEN PLATE EXCHANGE – A swap organised with a group of friends who are heading off on quilting retreat in may 2010.  You can see photo’s of some of the blocks on the link in the title.

VINTAGE DRESDENS – purchased premade Dresden Plates from ebay NEXT STEPS need to be appliqued onto backgrounds

HEXAGONS – A while ago, an ebay seller that I had previously bought hexagon papers from was selling off her precut shapes.   So I bought a lovely collection of precut hexagons, in cream, pink, green tones with papers and a template, and had no idea what do with them – as you do!   Scanning through magazines over the holidays I discovered Karen Cunningham’s Hexagon Beauty in Quilters Companion 2005 Yearbook  – this will be perfect!   Not sure if I have enought to make the full quilt, but the setting and feel of the quilt is exactly what I need to do.  Next Steps – have paper pieced Hexagons and progressingly putting them together.

 MY FIRST QUILT – yes – it still is a work in progress!    Mum and I started quilting together by doing a hand piecing Sampler class at Patchwork Addiction in Essendon.   Oh, the agony of picking fabric for the first time – so desperately wanting everything to match… it’s a bit dull now!   Though the teal blue/brown combo is very popular now, whereas then everyone was working in country colours.   Mum’s quilt top (using navy, burgundy and cream) is finished, and I’ve started to hand quilt it for her.  Next steps – I’ve got 3 blocks of my 20 blocks to go, and have sashing and border fabric already.   I really should get this finished, just so I can show people my first quilt – instead of my first blocks!

 MY FIRST MACHINE-PIECED QUILT – I almost said, my only machinepieced quilt but I did make nine patches by machine once for a charity quilt.   This pattern (which I now can’t find) was a medallion, with borders increasing outwards.   I was doing ok, slow, but ok… until I got to the next border (not seen here) which was square in a square blocks and they didn’t fit!    Next steps – Flossie and I are going to have a go at making up some of our own borders, ’cause there is a lot of fabric left.

A TISKET, A TASKET, BUTTERFLY BASKETS – 1930s reproduction baskets with butterflies from a Brandywine Design. Next steps – 12 blocks (out of +100) to finish buttonhole on, and then to piece into top

CREAMY CHOCOLATE – these are my blocks from the International Dresden Plate swap I organised – I asked for Chocolates.   Next steps – all appliqued, selected sashing and border, just need to put it together.



One of my Depression Jane blocks

DEAR JANE MARPLE – my 1930s reproduction Dear Jane Quilt – click link in title to see photo’s of completed blocks.  Next steps – only 5 blocks completed, but about 20 more prepared – this will be a long term, and I mean long term project

DEPRESSION DRESDENS – So far, Flossie and I have made blocks for two 1930s reproduction dresden plates, all intended for me, and each time the blocks are put together for a quick pressie for someone else.   So, have started again – over Christmas holidays cutting out 4 petals from 60 different 30s prints.  Next steps – just to randomly put petals together.   Am thinking of using a  dresden variation and putting a solid colour in amongst these and the melons like the antique quilt here

FLAVIA QUILT – I bought this retro quilt kit from ebay awhile ago.   It’s images of Flavia quotations and illustrations (I wish you a rainbow etc.) and despite the fact that its a bit gaudy and its polycotton, so a bit scratchy/ slippery – I love it!   It has it’s own little gingham bag.   Next steps – just need to add borders.  It was meant to be bagged with cotton lace edging, but I think I’ll quilt it as normal.

WIP Folk Art Sampler

FOLK ART SAMPLER – this is a Michelle Hill design published in APQ Vol 12, No. 12.   I bought the fabric when I was studying at Ballarat University, staying on campus in July 2006.   Called in at Gail’s Patchwork Emporium, as I’d been told it was a fantastic shop, just as she was closing.   But she let me wander for an hour or so picking out bits and pieces.   Next steps – 5 blocks finished, 2 blocks preppedLIVE LONG AND PROSPER – this is the Sci-Fi Round Robin quilt top I got back in a swap that took almost 5 years to complete.   I reverse appliqued Spock in the middle and sent it on its way.   It’s intended for my brother, who at the time the last border was being done was ill with kidney cancer, hence the squiggly left and bottom border say Live Long and Prosper Michael in Klingon.   Next steps – I want to add another border – using famous Spock sayings   “that’s illogical Captain’ etc.

WIP Folk Art Sampler


LOG CABIN QUILT – The first time I ever visited Gail B’s in Bayswater (we used to go there a lot at lunchtimes when I worked in Ringwood) I feel in love with a wall of Moda fabric from the Mistletoe Manor, Chocolate and Madeira ranges.    I dreamed about this fabric for days, and eventually went back and bought 25cm of a selections of creams, reds, greens and chocolates, with no real idea what to do with them.   Have started a Log Cabin quilt by hand – will use the barn raising setting and have rows of colour building out from the centre.   Next steps – it’s slow going, as I’m making decisions on fabric placement as I go along –  no hurry!

  RED AND GREEN SAMPLER– What started as a class with Di Ford in 2008/2009 to reproduce a quilt by Sarah Morrell has morphed into a Red and Green Sampler quilt.   You can see photo’s of my finished blocks on the page linked in the heading.  



Pretty Pandolph Plates

PRETTY PANDOLPH PLATES – Dresden Plate quilt. Next steps – all 20 plates pieced, need to find suitable background and sashing fabric.

RED AND GREEN BASKETS After the success of the International Dresden Plate swap, one of the girls suggested we do a SWAN (Swap without a Name) swap. which she had successfully done with her local quilt group.   24 swappers select a square of fabric and a theme (either by sending a block pattern or by nominating something they wanted).   And each month you had to make and post a block to one of the participants.  I sent my white muslin backgrounds and green basket weave fabric asking everyone to applique me a green basket, set on point, and fill it with whatever, but to include a little red.   Some people didn’t follow instructions, I got some pieced basket blocks and some straight set ones, but the really disappointing thing is quite a few people defaulted, received everyone’s fabric but made no blocks, though some did return everyone’s fabric when they pulled out.  Next steps – have designed a setting that allows me to use the straight set blocks, but will need to make a couple of more baskets for it all to fit together

SCRAPPY SUNBONNETS – these were pre-fused Sunbonnets I bought.   I have 2 sets, one of which I’ve fused to backgrounds.  Next steps – needs to be buttonhole appliqued

WHAT’S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALLOVER? – the black and white four patches were swapped as part of an international swap I participated in eons ago!    And they sat, and they sat… until I found these lovely red and white fabrics, and then Flossie and I had a day where we made them up into four long strips, and then they sat, and they sat, cause I couldn’t decide what I wanted to put between them.    We’ve made this up as we go along, and I wanted the effect of an oldfashioned strippy quilt.   Then I found the black striped print.  Think it needs a narrow black frame between the red and the black stripe? Next steps – stalled – but now that I’ve dug it out will add to list for next machine piecing weekend with Flossie.


I've got 100 years to finish this, right?

Y2K QUILT – Like most people quilting as we approached the Millenium I participated in a y2k swap, though I started very late and struggled to get the required swappers.   I’m handpiecing all of these 2.5 inch squares, sorting out colours from lighter to darker vertically.   Next steps – Not sure how many I’ve finished to date, more than half I’d imagine – it’s a pick up, put down type project


3 Responses

  1. Lots of beautiful WIPs, love to see the Folk Art Sampler one day, you know me and applique! I”m so impressed with all your sorting out 🙂

  2. Frou, Happened upon your site as I am trying to do the Michelle Hill Folk style sampler. Must say I love yur choice of colours. I am hopeless so I always try to follow the colours in the book. I am wondering if you can help me. The pattern for this quilt is in a separate publication from APQ and has both Part 1 and Part 11. Part 11 on the pattern sheet is a tiny area that must be enlarged 200% But, and this is my problem there is no drawing of the scroll for the border. I do not have the copy from which you made your quilt but would you check and see if a pattern is provided for the border scroll. Everything else is there. Trust I am not being too cheeky adking this of you. Thank you Judith Kallady

  3. […] Star Trek themed quilt is a round robin project, meaning many people worked on it over time. It was posted by Frou, who […]

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