Friday Flaunt…variations on a theme…

And yes, more Dresden Plates!   These are the last of the ones I’ve made up for now… not quite finished.   5 plates made, 2 appliqued down, 3 to go… and then need to add circles.


Will have yellow centre when finished…


This will have white with pink…

IMG_0149Will use the purple spot…

IMG_0150Pink/raspberry spot…

IMG_0151The teal spotty fabric…

I had another one of these marked up, a lovely soft mauve with a purple/mauve spot, but realised both pieces of fabric where too narrow for me to pick one for a centre circle.   Will see if I can pick up some more fabric before making it up.

Enjoying these Dresdens so much I’ve bought myself a smaller Ardco template – for 6 inch curved Dresdens.   Wanting to start to applique the 14 inch curved 1930s Dresdens I’ve been slowly putting together for awhile, and then put the smaller Dresden over the seams.

Speaking of Dresden’s check out the Dresden Plates in Quilting Group on Flickr…I heart Flickr!

Have put all of these aside for now, as I need to finish up my Stitcher’s Angel gifts… planning to sit and stitch while watching the Grand Final tomorrow.


Dresdens in the Barn…

Well The Parsonage Dresden Plate Exchange is off and running… with 6 of the 9 girls meeting at the annual Quilts in the Barn on Saturday.

I showed you my sample blocks last post and you can see Jayne’s blocks here, so I’ve posted another couple of the girls blocks.

First off is Catherine’s yummy red, green, brown DresdenIMG_0144

And then Megan’s gorgeous red and white one… this is huge, blocks will be about 21 inches finished, and Megan is a newbie quilter, so this is her first Dresden. This is the first one I get to make… and I have the perfect red and whites in my stash… which is sort of disappointing, was looking forward to a shopping spree of red and whites.


I’ve been so enthused with the making of my Dresden’s I’ve prepped and made up another 5 plates… as I knew I’d be handing over my template until next May… will post photo’s for this week’s flaunt.

Quilts in the Barn this year featured the quilts of Margaret McDonald… I’ve got Margaret’s Exuberance: Princess Feather quilt pattern and starter pack ready to go (have had it for a couple of years… sigh… oh to have more time!).

There were lots of lovely quilts, but I particularly liked these…


Aren’t the colours in this Lone Star quilt stunning!


A gorgeous Lover’s Knot quilt


And a close-up of a stunning Irish Chain quilt

She is the Dresden Queen…

IMG_0129Once again, I’m making Dresden Plates … this time, for the first time, curved edges, only 2 colours, using clear, bright colours, spots, stripes, geometric patterns etc…

Every year for the last 3 years a group of friends have had a weekend away at The Parsonage in Maldon and every year we’ve organised an exchange.  The first year we made small 6 inch blocks in the style we requested, the 2nd we made bags for each other… you can see the bag Debbie made me here.

Last year we had a showbag, and we each bought something to the value of $5 for each other, and now for next year’s retreat in May, we’ve got a bit better organised and have arranged a Dresden Plate exchange.

IMG_0126All 9 of us will make a Dresden Plate, and provide each other with a background, some fabric and instructions.   Between now and May 2010 we’ll each make a Dresden Plate in the style requested by each participant and will reveal all blocks in May.  We’re handing over our kits today, so I’ve spent the week making up a couple of samples and getting fabric together.

Have provided all the girls with one fabric already precut into 8 petals, all they need do is add another fabric of their choice for the remaining petals and centre circle.   I want this scrappy, so have made up kits with pink, red, aqua, purple, yellow etc.    Will be interesting to see what comes back!

Like Jayne, I’m planning to make some extra blocks, have them already cut out ready to go, as I’m giving the girls my template.    At this stage, hoping to make a single bed quilt to go on the ‘guest room’ bed, but may change my mind and go for a larger quilt for me!


Those generous designers…

It always astounds me how generous designers are out there… and here are some more wonderful things available out there in the blogosphere:

Dorothy Baker’s Sweet Nostalgia – this 12 month stitchery project based on vintage children’s illustrations has just started, I’ve downloaded Month One – because we don’t yet have Cosmo threads in Australia, I’m wondering about stitching this as a redwork quilt (hmmm – might be a bit complicated!)

Among the Gum Trees – a collective of nine designers who have just launched a shared blog with plans for giveaways and freebie designs – go and check it out!

Fat Cat Designs – this designer is incredibly generous with her designs and currently has a couple of BOMs on offer free, with previous months blocks available to purchase.  I’m collecting Southern Gentleman – luscious applique quilt blocks

Gail Pan’s Christmas Wish has just finished… you can still get the block patterns and the finishing instructions

Bunny Hill’s A Tisket, A Tasket is up to block nine… these are gorgeous either stitched or appliqued

Stitchers Angel Swap – we’ve had 4 of the 7 free designs released for this years swap, each one absolutely gorgeous… makes it hard to decide which ones to make for my mortal – maybe all of them!

Mystery Marathon Update plus…

This past weekend has been full of festivities to celebrate Flossie’s 70th birthday, starting off with a day at the Glenharrow Spring Stitch-in on Friday, with a lovely day had by all, that miracle of miracle’s actually included me doing some stitching instead of gum flapping for a change.  Two lovely little kits from Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley, scrumptious food and stunning show and tell, including getting to fabric fondle Rosalie’s new fabric line and see some of the projects from the about to be released book!

IMG_0093Saturday we spent having Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Hotel… which was very elegant and decadent, but also explains why I had a massive headache Sunday… way too much sugar!

Today I spent at Mum’s putting together our blocks from Helen Stubbing’s Mystery Marathon… due to a later than anticipated start (that damn headache still!) we only got the centre blocks put together and still have to add the two outer borders.   I’m going to have a go at quilting this using perle cotton, as I don’t want this to be added to the Quilt Top stage where it will remain for ever more!   Mum’s is the darker version, mine ’30s fabrics, so in hindsight not a lot of contrast, but I still like it…


IMG_0115After dinner tonight, I sat and finished marking up the Dresden Plates for an exchange I’m doing with some girlfriends from now until May 2010, as we’re handing over kits on Sunday.   Will show photo’s of my finished plates for Friday’s Flaunt.

The following photo’s of two projects Mum has been working on for me on and off this year.   Both come from Cabbage Rose Quilts/Barbara Brandeburg books, both made from my tub of 1930’s scraps!



Mystery Marathon … work in progress

Well, we’re just stopping to have lunch and an update of our progress below.

We’re a bit behind, because we’re working on two quilts at once, but going ok so far!

IMG_0058Mum’s quilt.


Friday Flaunt…Magpies in the Air Quilt

Well, my week has been sorta cruddy in regard to stitching, late work nights again!   And just tired and out of sorts, has seen me do very little work, apart from continuing to work on the 1930s Dresden plates…

So, another one of Flossie’s quilts… Magpies in the Air…


Seems appropriate to show this quilt, made for my nephew’s 21st, 2 years ago.  Leigh is a rabid Collingwood supporter, so it was obvious that he’d want a Black and White quilt.   Mum was originally going to make him a Black and White Bears Paw quilt, until she spotted the Birds in the Air block pattern…

Made over a 6 month period, and professionally quilted by Patchwork Addiction in Essendon.

The back of the quilt has a scanned image of the Magpie’s emblem.

Slight drama with the quilt, Leigh had a bust up with his live-in girlfriend last summer, and came home to find she’d been home during the day and packed all her belongings and left.

A couple of months later, he sheepishly admitted that he didn’t know where the quilt was… that they’d packed it up into a dresser during the warmer months, and he suspected that the ex had taken it with her, but as they no longer speak he felt a bit uncomfortable asking her if she’d taken it, in case she thought he thought she’d taken it on purpose.

When he moved out of his share house into the bungalow at Mum’s place a couple of months ago, we were very relieved to discover the quilt folded up into a suitcase!

It now has pride of place on the back of his couch, and he’s often to be found wrapped up in it, watching his beloved ‘pies on the TV.

Will be interesting to see what temperatures are like in that house on Sunday when his Magpies square off against Mum and Mike’s beloved St Kilda!!