I’ve been quilting since the early 1990’s.    My Mum, Flossie, retired and after being a seamstress all her life decided she wanted to learn how to quilt.

She researched local shops offering classes, and as she doesn’t drive, looked for a class where she could travel via public transport which would teach her basic handpiecing, applique and quilting skills.

Having found a suitable class at Patchwork Addiction she asked me to drive her over one Saturday morning so she could enrol and pick up her class requirements and check out how far away from the bus stop it was etc.

While she spoke to the attendant I wandered this tiny little shop, looking and feeling all of the fabric sorted by colour, admiring the shop samples, and intrigued by the shop sample Mum would make in her class.   So when we finished and went out to the car I said to Mum – I think I’d like to have a go too… so we went back in a changed the booking from 1 day class to 2 attending the night class and the rest is history!

You’ll find on the links below information on my work to date – and yes, that’s right – I’ve started lots of things, not finished very many!

Quilt Tops Requiring Quilting

Works in Progress

Projects in Grocery Sacks

Quilts and Things Made by Others


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  1. Please contact me asap, thanks.

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